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September 27, 2010


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I just downloaded an app called Cyclemeter that turns my iphone into an awesome training tool using GPS. The app continually records your time, location, distance, elevation, and speed and maps it. I flipped when I saw the data from my ride on Saturday. Your obsession is mine as well. Nice post.

David Meerman Scott

vkippes -- Nice! I'm not a cyclist, but I can see how this would be great. Thanks for sharing!

Remco Janssen

May I point out, David, that you are a connoisseur in toilet marketing? As I remember the CWS example you use in your presentation well! ;-)

The other day, I used Google Places on Android to find a sushi place nearby. But, the nearest one didn't have good reviews. So I drove a little further, and had a great dinner. Thus the app helped me to make a decision as a customer!

Document Scanning Service

Great article about a great app. Is there anyone who can’t think of a time in which this would have been useful?

David Meerman Scott

Remco -- you're right. Not sure why, but I do love toilet marketing...

Tim 'Gonzo' Gordon

I ran across this app a month or two ago before I traveled to Seattle. It came in handy. There's also an app that will help you find a drinking fountain call Oasis Places...

Remco Janssen

Hi David,

I have an idea. Going to the toilet, if we like it or not, is essential. We all need to go, sooner or later. No escaping that. You as a marketeer love teaching people how to solve customers problems effectively and efficiently.

This is a customer problem like ten times a day,if not more. So basically your target group (if you were a toilet marketeer) is everybody. This solutions solves everybody's problem!

Well, if you have a smartphone, that is. The new divider between haves and havesnot is a mobile phone. Weird, huh?

Rich Jurek

David - I travel a lot via car, and this app is a God-send. Thanks. Toilet marketing, eh? I can hear companies forming now! We use two apps that creatively leverage the phones GPS: one is a walking meter app that counts our distance and speed when we go for out nightly walks, there are a number of them out there, so instead of promoting one, people can choose the one they like. Beats buying one of those step counters and having an extra device around, when I am taking my iPhone with for the music/phone anyway. Also, love the realtor.com app: it's how we found our new house. But we also use it on vacation or when traveling and we stop in an area we like. We often ask ourselves: what does a house or a condo in this area cost? Zap. We pull it up and dream. It is a lot of fun...and I am sure, it is going to lead to me buying a vacation home someday....but again, thanks for the toilet apps. Just downloaded it now!


I think this app is brill not sure if useful in my life but a great idea and I'm sure lots of people could have a use for it!!

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