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September 22, 2010


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Any chance of getting this as a good ol' PDF for those of us without readers? I really hate reading long documents on the tiny screen of my phone.

Tony Zambito


Wishing you much success with this book. I appreciate your thought leadership in this area and can't wait to read your latest. All the best.


igor verhoeven


We would like to offer the sample to our customers. Can we get it in epub format from you ?

David Meerman Scott

Gojiro and igor verhoeven - let me connect with my publisher.

Josue Izaul

PDF Please! :)

Jake LaCaze

I look forward to checking it out!

Dan Schawbel

Well done David.

Ricardo Bueno

David: I've thoroughly enjoyed reading some of your previous books and am looking forward to reading this one when it debuts. Congratulations!


Yup Dave: pdf mpr or dt bthr

Jacki Martin

er, where's the free chapter?


A PDF would be great

David Meerman Scott

Thanks so much for the interest in the book.

My publisher agreed and I have now posted the PDF version.


Thanks, David!


ok, David !

this is new commerce. My first tweet has left he building.

@dmscott 's Real Time Marketing & PR , preview : http://bit.ly/dhJhim bestel hier : http://bit.ly/cqVptb

James Strock

Congratulations David! Very much looking forward to reading your latest!


Good stuff, David. If it's half as good as "New Rules of Marketing and PR" , its gonna be great.

Michael Stelzner

David, this looks like a great one. For sure would like a review copy for Social Media Examiner.

Peter Dunin

many thanks for sharing this.

Alissa St.Pierre

I really enjoyed your writing style. You create a good balance of knowledgeable and helpful information by keeping the text and point of view interesting.

I'm looking forward to reading about the industry and various company scenarios in this upcoming book. Thanks for sharing!


Ordered already. Can't wait. Thanks David for being so prolific.


Congrats David! Seems like ages since we met in Sydney.

I'm in the PDF camp too - would love to pre-read and blog your chapter too.

Cheers, Iggy

David Meerman Scott

Iggy - Good to hear from you. The PDF is posted. Hope you enjoy.

Benjamin Spall

Hi David,

It seems an age since I read World Wide Rave (despite having done so only eighteen months ago) so I wasn't sure what to expect from this...

I downloaded the free chapter to my Kindle yesterday and read it in one sitting. Excellent work! I really liked the case study and thoroughly enjoy your style of writing. I'll look forward to it's full release.


PS. Not sure if you're aware, but 'New Rules...' is the #1 result (out of 11,437) when you search 'marketing' in the UK Kindle Store. Not bad!

David Meerman Scott

Thanks Benjamin. I think you'll like the rest of the book if you enjoyed the first bits.

Wow - didn't realize New Rules popped up that high on Kindle store! Thanks for telling me!

Tatyana Gann


Thank you for awesome work you do! I look forward to it. I have seen in barnes and noble store that it would be released in November..

I saw your discussion on real time marketing on Twitter and I love how you think..

Thank you

Tatyana Gann

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