Evolution of video contest marketing at Cisco

Contest Many organizations, both B2B and consumer, consider running video contests to promote products, services, and ideas. But until now, it has been difficult to get accurate metrics.

That's why I am excited that the marketers at Cisco have collaborated to share with us the results of three elaborate video contests they’ve run over the past two years to get the word out. Anyone considering a video contest needs to study this showcase of best practices and the overall impact of social media video contests.

An overview PDF called Evolution of contest marketing at Cisco: A Case Study From Cisco Marketing Organization’s Perspective can be downloaded free, with no registration required.
Download Contest_Marketing

The case study compares three video contests led by three different organizations within Cisco over the past two years.

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What If Your TV Could…?

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The best performer was the What if Your TV Could…? contest. It generated 178 video entries, 5.9 million views, 22,000 ratings, and more than 1,000 comments.

Check out the case study PDF for much more including 9 Lessons Learned.
Download Contest_Marketing

Thanks Cisco for sharing this valuable information!

Disclosure: I have worked with Cisco in the past.

David Meerman Scott

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