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September 20, 2010


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Thank you, sir. This book, without you, would still be on my bucket list next to eating white sand on the beautiful beaches of Hawaii. I think I'm going to buy 500 copies, get a camera and a van, and take a road trip. As a recent college graduate working for a local paper I once wrote a piece about an author that sold his books on his front lawn.

David Siteman Garland

David - Would love to have Kevin on the show to chat about the book and have literally a butt load of fun.

What is the best way to hunt him down?

Keith Jennings

This is terrific, David! I was not familiar with Nalts, and am hooked after perusing his sites and video. I'll be reading the book too.

How has his practices influenced and improved your own use of video, David?


David... You might want to be a little more careful about using the term "butt load" around Kevin. If he thinks it could get him more views he would take you up on your "literal" offer and make a video of it.

Speaking of 'butt load'... I must have eaten a lot of fiber yesterday because my 'butt load' turned into a toilet load after I drank my morning coffee. When I was finished I looked in the toilet and to my surprise the product of my bowels clearly depicted the image of Mr. Kevin Nalty's face! It was a magical sight and brought such joy to me. Mr. Nalty inspires me with his writing... and in so many other ways too!


Mr. Scott, with all thy links get thee a link for beyondviral.com.

David Meerman Scott

NutCheese - I'll be careful. That man can make a funny vid out of anything.

StalkerOfNalts - consider it done!

Keith - Nalts is awesome. He's made me re-think much of what I do.


ho! been seen over 160 million times on YouTube alone

Pablo Edwards

I love the video. Really hits the point home. Keep up the great work! STUMP... easy to remember!

clear wireless

This book was very beneficial and helpful to me. I am not well versed in viral marketing and how. The information contained in this book is easy for a layman to understand, but accurate enough to put the experts advice to help in their marketing efforts online.

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