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August 09, 2010


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Couldn't agree more - engagement through participatory experiences is the way to go. There was a great article in Adage recently which looked at what nonprofits need to do in order to get the 'social media generation' behind their cause -

"Among the reasons young adults gave for taking up social causes are feeling like they can do something to help; knowing their involvement will make a difference; actively seeking out involvement; receiving information that prompts them to act; and the fact that getting involved feels fun and social."

Involvement is vital - it is no longer enough to just hand over your money.

That is why we at Social-smart are specializing in precisely this area. Working with performance and installation artists, we integrate a company’s social media and location-marketing with daring creative arts and provocative live experiences that inspire participation, word of mouth publicity and viral sharing - earned media, instead of bought media.

I discussed this trend recently on our blog - http://bit.ly/bSHZtb by way of introduction to our new website and services. There are great opportunities for nonprofits to collaborate with the rising tide of companies interested in corporate social responsibility to the great benefit of both - and, through social experience, their supporters can benefit as well. It is an exciting trend to be involved in!

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Really nice sharing thanks..

Tom Nolan

Love this competition idea...i'd apply myself if i lived in the states. Bit of a double winner for the MSI as well as the compition and its promotion will draw attention and the winner provides a months worth of social media and blog content!


Well, I appreciate your tutorial pretty much, thank you!

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Thank you for sharing the above information useful and beneficial...

Meg McCormick

This blog was a very interesting read. I believe that the concept of making these one of a kind events will really heat up the competition of non profits if a large chunck of them start using this as a way to get more advertisment. It is a great way to incorperate social media into the MSI and I think that they will get great press because of it. I would most defenetly think that if other non profits were to do this kind of marketing they would get noticed more and ultimatly gain more "profit."

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