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August 26, 2010


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They really do a great job with their branding over at Monster, it's good to hear that they're quoting you now too!

Connie Blaszczyk

David – thanks for the great endorsement. Monster has long been committed to providing employers and job seekers with objective resources and value-added content. We also recently launched the MonsterThinking blog that features thought leadership on topics resonating with employers globally. Look forward to your next book and to the Inbound Marketing summit in October.

Connie Blaszczyk
Managing Editor, Monster Resource Center

David Meerman Scott

Thanks for stopping by, Connie.

Great work - keep it up!

Pablo Edwards

Sounds like quite the interesting read. Monster really is someone that we can learn from!

Trevor O'Neil

Interesting article about how to conduct your marketing.

I'll definitely look into this further.

Radu Marketing Profitabil

David, my wife worked as a recruiter for 7 years and is now launching as a career coach. I am looking for resources and ways to promote for her. your post and Monster's article will be of great help! I will continue to follow your posts, thank you.

Gerald J Leonard

David, it looks like brand journalism is beginning to make a difference in the recruiting market. My wife is looking for insurance agents on monster.com and this article is very encouraging and worth sharing.

David Meerman Scott

Radu - glad it halped

Gerald - Thanks for the comment. Great to hear that the information Monster is putting out is reaching the target market (such as your wife)!

Peter Dunin

Informative post,I was unfamiliar with Monster.thank you for bringing them to my attention.

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