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August 20, 2010


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Daniel Katz

Providing service for the hearing impaired during entertainment events is a great thing. John Stewart performed at Hamilton College in late 2008 with a sign language interpreter on stage with him. He even incorporated her in the act which was hilarious- Saying as many vulgar things as possible to see how it was interpreted.

David Meerman Scott

Hey Daniel - That's cool. Good for Jon Stewart. I am a frequent speaker at conferences and events. I've never had a sign language interpret my talks...

Daniel Katz

David - thanks for the response. I read The New Rules while at Ithaca College and it has left a huge impression on me. It's neat seeing how you put the principles and rules to practice.

Brett Duncan

David - I was a Lolla. Sorry I missed you.

I saw Barbie and wondered what the hell she was doing there. But I thought it was cool. She was absolutely ROCKING to Soundgarden Sunday night. She really brought more value to the show, for sure.


David Meerman Scott

Brett -- It was a great festival. Interesting how Barbie (and her colleagues) brought more value to people without hearing impairment too!


Wow is your mind programmed to think in terms of content creation. It's truly remarkable. Great post, love the fresh perspective. -Joe

Vee Sweeney

In all my years and at all my concerts and shows that I have been too, this is something I have never seen. I am very pleased to read that entertainers and concerts are starting to become more friendly towards the hearing impaired. I would however like to see a little more of it. For example, wheel chair access at a lot of large events is ridiculous if present at all

Brett Duncan

David - so true on the value for those who aren't impaired. I was jealous that she could rock out the way she did. I wanted to jump in and be just as free as she was being (don't ask why I didn't- I just didn't, OK?).

David Meerman Scott

Jchernov - I am always on the lookout for blog post ideas.

Vee - Lollapalooza was the first (and only) time I had seen sign language interpreters at a concert.

Brett - She used to be an accountant. All that pent up energy needs to be released.

Peter Dunin

I think that Lollapalooza providing interpreters is a really good idea and I hope other festivals and even the bands themselves follow suit.

Hearing centre

It's great to see language interpreters having fun at a concert, Lollapalooza's the only one so far that I've seen making this possible.

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