Limited editions and collectors items

This past weekend, Brian Halligan and I were at the Gathering of the Vibes festival launching our book Marketing Lessons from the Grateful Dead. We hung out backstage, met some of the bands, did some media interviews, and signed books in the merchandise tent. It was a rock star weekend.

I’ll be posting more on the tour next week, but for a taste of what we did, check out this short video I shot. Direct link.


The most surprising aspect of the weekend was that Grateful Dead poster collectors wanted to purchase our book posters! Wow!

The book cover, which we turned into 11’ x 17’ posters, was designed by Doug Eymer and features a photo by Jay Blakesberg. It is insanely cool, yes, but we were amazed people wanted to buy them.

On Thursday we were asked a few times from people who wanted to buy, so on Friday we got smart and put them on sale in the merchandise tent (where we signed) for $10 each. We did brisk business. Grateful Dead poster collectors love them because they are Grateful Dead posters but with a twist.

This got me to thinking about how any company can offer limited editions and collectors’ items. Disney has pins. McDonald’s has Happy Meal toys. There’s a special U2 iPod.

Service companies also get in the game with special call center numbers (I can call the American Airlines Executive Platinum desk for example). B2B software companies offer expanded support.

What are you doing to offer something special to your fans?

David Meerman Scott

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