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August 08, 2010


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Farida Harianawala

I just started a new blog and was considering adding the Creative Commons license but did not really know what the benefits/pros/cons of it were. I think the reason for creating content, especially on a blog, should be to share it freely and amplify its reach, which the Creative Commons license seems to make possible. This was useful information. Thank you.

Julia Stewart

I'm just getting started using Creative Commons copyrighting on my free coach training program. People love it! I've decided to use it for my students who get certified, so they can teach my material and alter it to make it their own. One of the pitfalls of coach training is that we invariably create our own competition. I decided to embrace that and plan on it.

David Meerman Scott

Farida - Glad it was helpful.

Julia - Good for you! As someone who knows, when you create competition, you also create advocates.


Creative common is new concept for me. I do have a new blog this might be what I need for it to get going. But I did use your books The New Rules of Viral Marketing and The New Rules of Marketing & PR in my thesis and class presentation. Thank you for great information once again David.

Miguel Montoya

Hi from Lima Peru.
I got you book RAVE couple of months ago, fine one, goes to the chase. I been reading it cover to cover many times. I´m a designer, but with kinda marketer heart starting to growing up after your book. So I´m building up step by step a better web image, a catching blog, and what I call "design to marketing" focused site, not easy task at all, but in two months from 2 visits daily I got over 60 now days. And from 1 forms in a month or two, now I got 3 to 4 per week. I know these may looks like small numbers, but relatively are not at all. Think this, whole Peru is less than an average state from US of Internet users, and the number one in design here has years to get couple of forms daily. I´m confident I´ll get them in 6 months and pass them next year. I Hope. This "Creative commons" you mention sounds really cool to me. So, if you please give me accurate tips or appropriate suggestions about it I´ll appreciate it a lot.
Thank you very much David.


Miguel Montoya

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