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August 24, 2010


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Keith at KendallPress

this was SO much better than the dreary safety videos or droning (from boredom) flight attendants.

This is the first airplane safety pitch that had me paying full attention. And those closing credits are a great touch. GO TEAM. nicely done.


It is so much better than the annoyance marketing that is being to much over used now. Specially when flying there are so many factors tend to take your attention away from those safety videos like jet lag, excitement etc. Humor is also a great way to refresh passenger and make them watch safety video. The closing credentials with photo made it so much personal.

Bianca Te Rito

Hi David

Thank you for posting this. As a fellow Kiwi (New Zealander) living abroad this was refreshing to see.

Quote "Stretch those hammies" - Stretch the creative ways to communicate otherwise "dry instructions" into something more engaging, fun and memorable!

Very cool and thanks again


Hi David,

Thanks for sharing, great stuff. Be remarkable, be worth talking about, have fun AND have a great product. And I speak from experience that Air New Zealand has all that! Wish more companies would not take themselves so seriously - seriously!

Mark Copeman

David - great spot - as the last commenter said, Seth Godin would give this his remarkable stamp.

So few corporates would dare do something like this - but why?!

Getting noticed means being different.

Love it.

Best wishes,

David Meerman Scott

Yes indeed.

Thanks for the comments. It's certainly remarkable. How cool that Air New Zealand is a company that can have fun!

"Stretch those hammies"


This is a safety video I don't mind watching. Very creative.

Harmony Wheeler

This actually reminds me a lot of the safety video that comes before Disney California Adventure's Soaring Over California. They got a great spokesperson (Patrick Warburton) and added some humor by reminding customers that even a cute, bald, family man has to put away even his Mickey Mouse ears hat.

Krista Lamb

This is brilliant. Whenever I fly, I notice that half the people aren't paying attention to the safety videos at all - this is a great way to change that. I wish Air Canada would do a hockey one!

Sports Ball Shop

very interesting safety video, not boring at all :D

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