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July 16, 2010


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Nathan Dube

David, I am def looking forward to this book. I hope to pick up a copy eventually.

Hope you have a blast at the vibes.

If your around my band will be playing at the Wormtown Music Festival in Greenfield, MA come September.

Thanks for writing this book, I would say its long overdue...

Bradley H. Smith

CONGRATS to you both on what must have been a passionate project.

I am going out today to buy a VW minivan to follow your book tour!



Congratulations! A book about one of my favorite bands, written by one of my favorite marketing gurus. Adding it to my must-read list.

David Meerman Scott

Nathan, Bradley, and Anne -- THANKS. This has been a fun project.

Nathan - are you coming to Boston soon?

doug eymer

To David, Brian and all of the fine folks at Wiley:

Thanks for providing me with the chance to work with you on the design of this book.

In the many hours that I spent designing the cover and interior, you can bet that my headphones were cranking DEAD Tunes!

Best of luck to you and especially to those who read the book, and learn how to improvise on their own unique marketing play list!

Rock On.

Doug Eymer | www.eymer.com

David Meerman Scott

Thank you Doug. Your design for our book ROCKS.


David Siteman Garland

Ahhhhh this is the surprise. I love it!

Tim Washer

congrats David. Here's to another #1 best seller!

Steve Jones

Congratulations on the new book! I am really looking forward to reading it. I've also given it a plug to the readers of my Brand Like A Rock Star blog at http://bit.ly/alWFXG.

Sergei Samoilenko

congrats! Thank you for this great news! I am looking forward to this great new book.

Richard A. Lewis

Sounds like an interesting concept for a book. I would argue though that Kiss is becoming the most "iconic band in history"

Premier Team International

Thanks for the post - I'll have to check out this book.

Michael Conway

I spent 16 years as a Dead Head and wound up working of the band as a photographer. I shot the cover for the Jerry Garcia CD How Sweet It Is. The funny thing was that I gave away a hell of a lot of photography to people who just loved the images and it resulted in the best freelance gig in the world. I was able to meet the band, attend parties, get back stage passes and I always had the best seat in the house (between the barricade and the stage)for the shows I "worked". I have always taken to heart the business philosophy of giving to get. Did I mention that I had LOTS of tapes? I am eagerly looking forward to reading this book to see if DM Scott and Brian Halligan have put into words what has been the basis for my marketing endeavors over the years and I'll send along a photo or two as a thanks for their efforts. @maconway123

Small Business Marketing

I hope this will be available here, looks and sounds good. Thanks for sharing!

Ann Handley

Thrilled for you and Brian, David!


Tom Nolan

I love this idea! Combining knowledge with a well known inspirational example! Good work Dave!


Hi David,
I love the sound of this book and how you have created a new category of business book. I'm really looking forward to getting my hands on a copy. When will it be released in the UK?



David Meerman Scott

Thanks to all for your support.

Brian and I finished up recording the audio yesterday. We expect the audio version to be released early August.

The version for Kindle and other readers should release at the same time as the printed book.

The UK release is planned for the middle of August.


Dianna Huff

David and Brian,

Congratulations! Can't wait to receive my hard copy and am looking forward to watching this one become another best-seller.

Justin Tabas

when will the audio book come out?

David Meerman Scott

Looks like the audiobook will be out in a few days.

life coaching certification

I read every bit on the way home. Both books have begun the first page of a book by David Meerman Scott Kellerman, Jonathan, and in general. Two stabbed interest.But quickly faced with the choice of what to read, I am willing to learn from the Grateful Dead first marketing. I immersed myself back story, or because the band was thinking long it takes measures adopted and how it has benefited their career.

Virtual Global

Thanks for the post! Bill Walton is great.

Jun'ichi Kato

Hi, David and Brian,
I'm a reader of MLFGD in Japan. I've been working over 20 years in music business(record company) and now everybody around me in the same business says "we are in the face of a perceived unprecedented crisis". But this book tought me that there were many things we'd do for getting back and developing music fans again. I hope this book would be read by all of my friends here. Is there any plan for releasing in Japanese version here?

David Meerman Scott

Hello Kato-san

Thanks for reading the book. We don't think the music business is in crisis. Rather, there is an amazing opportunity!

YES! The book will be published in Japanese. The translation is being done now and it will likely come out in mid 2011.

Thanks for your interest.

Jun'ichi Kato

Hi David-san,

I appreciate your prompt reply.

I'm looking forward to hearing the further news about Japanese version release.

Thank you again and regards,

SEO Companies

This is an interesting book to read. I know a lot of people will be interested to read this but I want to know what other translations do you have,aside from Japanese?

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