Shortest marketing conference ever


On July 6 at 6:00 pm eastern, 60 thinkers speak for 60 seconds each about how to increase your digital influence.

The Influencer Project

I’ll be one of the presenters. It is a stellar lineup.

It’s kind of liberating to only have 60 seconds to speak. I boiled down a typical one-hour keynote into one minute. And 59 others did the same.


Infl2 The organizers setup for our short talks was: We want to empower as many people as possible to make a big impact in the world—ideally while pursuing their deepest passions. What are the critical tactics and strategies you need to be implementing online right now in order to attract more customers and earn greater trust with prospects?

Learn more about The Influencer Project. If you register, you'll also receive a full MP3 recording and PDF transcript of the event.

Conference organized by ThoughtLead, sponsored by Hubspot with additional partners MarketingProfs and Read Write Web. Social Media Press Release announcing the event here.

I've got this marked in my calendar. I'm looking forward to hearing what the other 59 people have to say in only 60 seconds each!

Hashtag = #influencer

David Meerman Scott

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