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June 24, 2010


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Civil Thoughtful

This sounds like an excellent session - thanks for making sure we knew about it. I'm looking forward to it.

Tim Washer

A 60 second speech? what's that, about 37 PowerPoint charts?

David Siteman Garland

I'll also be speaking, David. Looking forward to it.

Ron Blau

60 seconds can be a lot, depending on your message. To test this, I just read the Gettysburg Address aloud ... in under 60 seconds. A ton of meaning in a minute, depending on who's writing the stuff!

David Meerman Scott

Tim, 60 seconds is one of your dramatic comedic pauses.


Thanks again David for joining us at the Influencer Project. Your 60 seconds was brilliant.

@Ron Blau: Agree! You can definitely say a lot in 60 seconds!

I think it was Winston Churchill that said it was harder to deliver a 2 hour speech then a 10 minute one...you have to get right to the point and end up with the essence of your message. No fluff.


Err... rather, it's harder to deliver a 10 minute speech then a 2 hour speech. You know what I meant!

Ricardo Bueno

David: This sounds really cool/unique. Kind of challenging but effective when you're forced to say something with meaning in less than 60 seconds.

Pablo Edwards

So pumped for this event, amazing how much planning goes into these one minute talks. Should get tons of gems, I hope I can keep up on note taking!

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