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June 26, 2010


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John R. Harris

Makes me wonder how many people are sitting on unpublished manuscripts that could be rushed into e-print overnight once their topic hits the headlines. But I'm looking forward to Dave's new book, Real-Time Mktg & PR. I expect it will be his best written book yet!

Jake LaCaze

Great post about the immediacy the Web offers. And I'm excited to hear about your new book. I'd been hoping that something new would be around the corner.

John Deere Tara

I'm very excited to see publishers in particular embracing ebooks. The current back-and-forth over ebook pricing has made me think that there is a real opportunity for publisher who are flexible enough to take it.


Very clever, but I wonder how many people will actally purchase a book excerpt. Does the price of the excerpt go toward the full version if you enjoy it and want to upgrade?

Also, $1.99 for 35 pages seems rather expensive, especially considering Amazon is selling a used version of the entire book for $1.10.

Would the publisher get more reach if they gave the excerpt away as promotion for the full book? Maybe a better approach is for the publisher to publish/sponsor/distribute a series of articles comparing Obama's approach to Truman's, with a link to the free excerpt. This would provide more context and keep the focus on the current issue (which we care about) and not the publishing stunt (interesting mostly to writers and marketers).

Tom Nolan

Wow quick thinking by the publish! Not just in this industry, but across the board you gotta admire it when everyone else is sleeping or thinking about the next move some people out there are on the pulse and reacting!

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