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May 18, 2010


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Toby Bloomberg

David - Appreciate your kind words .. and for writing the smart After Forward to the book! Seems like we're going to help a lot of people better understand how to use social media.

Keith Jennings


It's great to see individuals like Toby innovate the ultra-cliché, ultra-tired genre we lovingly refer to as the "business book." Not only with a fresh voice, but with a fresh approach.

Thinking out loud, I wonder if Toby should propose a packaged approach in her pitch to publishers. Since the content is now "out there" for free, what could she package with the book to attract attention and encourage sales of the "dead tree" version? Ideas could include the audio version of the book, extended interviews with those featured, etc.

I like how musicians package multiple options: 1) CD only, 2) CD + booklet, 3) CD + full book or magazine, 4) boxed set with collector's items.

Thank you for sharing. I would not have heard of this book were it not for your blog.


Toby Bloomberg

Keith -thanks for your kind words and great ideas.

Fred Kapoor

Great post!. It is cool to get to know about these e-books. It helps us to know where to go for trust worthy content.
Thank you for sharing.

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