Online video rocks as a global marketing channel

Posted by David Meerman Scott 08:27 AM on May 24, 2010

I’m frequently asked about reaching international audiences. With language differences and widely varying social networking sites (such as Hyves in the Netherlands), how do marketers reach a global audience?

Huge brands should localize. But if you're a smaller organization, video works great. You can imbed a video in most Web platforms and social networking sites around the world.

Watch this short (1:16) video where I ask people in various countries if they watch video online. Show the video to your skeptical boss.

Direct link to Are you reaching buyers via online video?

I shot the clips during speaking gigs with my Flip Video camera. Sorry for shaking!

Thanks to my friends at VisibleGains for editing this video.

Disclosures: I am on the boards of advisors of Visible Gains (producer of the video) and Eloqua (the San Francisco clip was shot at the Eloqua Experience conference which I keynoted).

David Meerman Scott

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