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April 05, 2010


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David Siteman Garland

David - Just listened to the rant for the first time. Oh man was that epic. This looks like a great book and would love to have Jim on rise if we can somehow connect.

Nigel Burke

Thanks for the book recommendation David. I am very keen to read a book that explains meaningful measurements for social media.

Anne Sorensen

Thanks David for the tip! Another one for the reading list! A speed reading class is timely .. so much good information ..so little time! :)

Nicolas Vega

If this book is like inbound marketing, i´ll hope the best results. Thank for your comments.


Hi, David --

I've been a big fan of yours for quite some time.

I've read "New Rules" and have been an email subscriber to your blog for longer than I can remember. (Truth be told, I've been an email subscriber for 12 months or something. But at my age, 12 months is 'longer than I can remember.')

All that said, I'm not sure I agree with your Epic ROI Rant, especially given today's economy and the internet's ability to accurately measure the conversion of a prospect to a customer.

I suspect Dell Computers is happy they've measure the ROI of their highly-successful DellOutlets Twitter page.

And I suspect Comcast is happy they're measuring the ROI of their ComcastCares social media play.

I know your Epic ROI Rant is a sound bite that doesn't completely reflect your entire perspective on this. But if it all comes down to little snippets of information, I fall on the "Social Media ROI" side of the argument.

Keep up the great work with your blog, your speeches and everything else you do. And thanks for your review of Jim's book. I'm going to check it out.

Jamie Turner
The 60 Second Marketer

David Meerman Scott

Thanks for jumping in Jamie

My main issue with ROI as it is measured today is an insistence in always bringing it back to a measurable sales result.

Question -- what is the ROI of your blackberry or iPhone?

There are other ways to measure success.



Point well-taken, David.

I think you (or someone else) also once said, "What's the ROI of the landscaping around your office?"

The point was that some things, like landscaping or your iPhone, just can't be measured on a specific-ROI basis.

Well said, my friend.


David Meerman Scott

Thanks Jamie - yeah, I've used that landscaping one a lot.

Adriel Michaud

You raise an excellent point; time to A/B test the landscaping around my office!

David Meerman Scott

Adriel - yup. Let's compare ROI of roses vs. tulips.


Also available in Holland at selexyz.nl

And check the Google Preview of this book on our site.


Regards, Igor

Claudia Guzman

This book is surely a hit now that almost everyone is using social media as their marketing tool. It is a must that every marketer knows and understands how to measure and optimize their marketing investment using this tool.

Ricardo Bueno

David: Thanks again for the link to the "epic ROI rant" - we appreciate it!

And thanks for the book recommendation. In my work, I deal with real estate agents and brokers who always ask the kinds of questions addressed in this book. Would be a great read I think and an excellent resource.

Martin Seibert

Cool book.

We are creating a social media metrics application at http://www.twentyfeet.com that will centralize all your web stats in one place. We only have twitter, facebook and bit.ly so far. But I would love to get feedback from you guys about it, as soon as it gets live in the next weeks.

I will take a look at the book also. That's for sure.


What did we ever do without the internet?

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