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April 28, 2010


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This is cool! It's been really fun working on this campaign for Deere.

Julian Summerhayes


I have now recommended your site to at least a dozen folk; awesome. I love the speech that you gave to the direct marketing association that is on Vimeo. I am a lawyer in private practice and we are in the late (no make that very late) adopter stage. If you have any top tips - apart from getting it - then awesome.

Seasick Steve sings about his John Deere; may be that's another angle - the music industry. We like our Massey Fergusons in Devon, England.

Best wishes

PS I have ordered your book on the strength of the video.

Travis Jensen

The question I have is what is the value to John Deere in reaching out to the readers of Car and Driver, Autoblog, et al? I can't imagine many Honda Tuners are going to picking up a Deere any time soon, so what is John Deere hoping to gain here?

(Please note: this is not being asked sarcastically. I'm really curious.)


John Deere and the Chip Foose custom 4020 tractor contest post thanx.


I'm happy to learn you have experience with agrimarketing - I was excited for you to come to Fargo for the AAFND meeting before,now that I know you've worked with people who do what I do, I can't wait!

David Meerman Scott

Thanks Al. Not a ton of experience, but some.

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