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April 13, 2010


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Keith Jennings

David, please invite Phoebe to post a comment or two here and share the results and ripples created by this effort. Very excited for her!


I downloaded the cookbook. Very yummy recipes. I will have to get my conversion chart out!! Can't wait to try the chocolate brownies!! She did a nice job on the web site and cookbook.

Phoebe Dubar

Hi guys

Thanks for the plug David - glad you like the cookbook, we're really happy with it too, and are already seeing some ripples - albeit small at this stage...

I just had a call from someone who was cold calling after receiving the cookbook. I asked where she’d received the book and she said it came from her colleague, who received it from a friend at a Victorian Government department, but didn’t know where it came from before that.

It’s GREAT to see it's spreading already. That’s at least 4 links in the chain, (I didn’t send it to anyone at Government), maybe more - and I only distributed it yesterday afternoon!

Will update more later...

Twitter: @Fed_Square

David Meerman Scott

Thanks for stopping by Phoebe. The cookbook is really well done. I suspect that it will do very well for you.

Suggestion -- how about printing a postcard sized promotional piece with the cookbook cover on the front. On the back would be a few sentences about the cookbook together with an easy to type URL to get the cookbook. (You could do a redirect from something like FedSqCookbook.com).

The postcards would be available in the restaurants and other locations at Federation Square. That way you spread it in person as well as online.


Mark Kolier

And a FB fan page would be another great way...I'd be a fan!

Stuart McMichael

Wow. What a great concept.

Twice Cooked Barbecue Beef – yum!!

Here’s another thought; with regards to the Postcard idea of David’s. A little bit of work; but wanted to see what y’all thought?

What about when that initial person goes to that URL FedSqCookbook.com as a result of dropping in on the site cold or by picking up the very postcard David suggested? Once they have downloaded the book; and given it a look; you could create some functionality which allows them to tell their friends all about it from within the website. Follow?

Ok. By populating a form on FedSqCookbook.com with their Friends full name and email address (do this as many times as you please) this can send the same PDF; but also personalise the cover in some way; making it look like a thoughtful gift from a friend or colleague. You can also add your own gift message. The > below refer to the variability which comes from the web form you enter. If you follow me?

The personalisation may simply say on the cover.

To David, (or whichever name is entered)

The Fed Square Cookbook,

This may give you inspiration with your own limited culinary repertoire? (use this space to create a personalised message)

From Phoebe (or whichever name is entered as the sender)

This would be emailed direct from the site and personalised cookbook is attached. The email header & body would probably need to try and make it clear it’s from someone the recipient trusts; in order to get full validation.

This is where it could get really clever! As part of the email; a URL is listed which guides the person you have sent this to in the direction of a mini-site such as www.Pheobe.GoesToFedSq.com

The possibilities at this point (arriving at a dedicated mini site for that person) are endless; online bookings for each restaurant, validation codes on the book for complimentary bottle of wine etc. You name it.

Good luck with it all Phoebe.


David Meerman Scott

Interesting idea Stuart. Thanks for sharing. I hope Phoebe sees our suggestions.


The thai red prawn curry looks awesome! Great resource!


I really love Fed Square and go everytime I'm in Melbourne (which is quite often since my family's all there). In fact, I'm getting married at Zinc at Fed Square in October and I know I will recommend all the restaurants to our out-of-towners!

sand casting

thanks for sharing. i like it.I downloaded the cookbook. Very yummy recipes.

auto appraiser

I downloaded the book and it was great help for me.I love to cook different recipes but I do not remember all.I always get help of some good books.This one was really very helpful.I tried some of recipes from that book all were result oriented.

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