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March 10, 2010


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Kees Romkes

I actually develop layars and even on that side things are smooth, easy, advanced, intelligent and extremely intuitive to built and use. Support is superb and the community open and welcome for new devvers.

Nice article btw ! Just bookmarked for more ;)

Web Tasarim

I concur. Layar is really an awsome app :)


Wow, seems like a really powerful app. I've been seeing a few app developers getting into this augmented reality app space, but the Layer demo seems like a homerun.

Will check out the app asap.


Funny. The demo video shows Layar not on an iPhone. Furthermore, that would be expensive Mexican food. For you to use Layar, you would have to be roaming using 3G..hum that's about 20$ a minute.


Definitely a great app, I just got it for my phone. Good review David!


Hi, Thanks for the kind words. I like the cable television metaphor. We use it aswell to explain that this is a new medium.

Raimo van der Klein
CEO Layar

Peter GUO

I'm seeing a revolution happening now!

I'm a marketeer working in China and got my Android phones last week. I'm currently travelling in Hong Kong now and be lucky to be out of the great firewall of China, so that I can see the youtube video. Even though the Layar service is not availalbe here, but after seeing the video, I think software like Layar, GPS equipped big screen Smartphone will change the way we marketing, just like David said in his book.

Amazing job done! Raimo

Tara Diversi

Hey David,

Does it work as well overseas. I find some of the apps say they are worldwide but have limited updates for those of us who are not in the US.

Cheers, Tara


Great application! It is very interesting to follow the development and proliferation of augmented reality for mobile phones.. Curious to see what comes next!


I downloaded this app right before heading down to SXSW and it was awesome! Thanks for the recommendation! It helped me find people I know, places to eat and was just really freaking cool.

Ernesto Reyes

Nice application that is very useful not only for the businessmen but also for those parents who wants to check out their kids. Helpful also for those who are new to the place they are in, they can use it as a map. Very cool!


Used an awesome application yesterday for adding my own data to the Layar system without having to know anything about the API etc. There are a few excellent apps but this one is awesome for putting your details down in seconds without any prior knowledge http://ow.ly/22C77 The companies name is buildar. awesome easy app to use. Wish I had thought of the idea.


Thanks for the kind words

dell destek

Absolutely beautiful and stunning. Thank you.


All information is exciting and eye-catching.
Excellent. Thank you.

Hali Yikama

nice work at a level of social solidarity and the opportunity to share
a very good time thank you..

San Diego SEO

Seriously amazing... I'm downloading it now and will try it out!


This is a good common sense article. Very helpful to one who is just finding the resouces about this part. It will certainly help educate me.


sharing is very successful

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