Microsoft releases free ebook for the K-12 teacher buyer persona

Posted by David Meerman Scott 08:25 AM on March 03, 2010

I'm a huge believer in buyer persona based marketing: When you create information on the Web to help solve the problems of your buyer personas (rather than just prattling on about your products and services).

Rob Bayuk, K-12 Education Marketing Manager at Microsoft, sends us a link to the first Microsoft ebook published for K-12 teachers.

Tell a Story, Become a Lifelong Learner shows how the ancient tradition of storytelling meets the digital age. When students create a movie or interactive slideshow to tell their story, learning becomes personal.
Download the ebook.

This is a terrific example of buyer persona marketing.

Rob's goal as a marketer is to engage K-12 teachers in the use technology as part of the teaching and learning process. This ebook is part definition (what is DST), part inspiration (lots of pointers, student work/examples) and part prescriptive (here are some great tools from Microsoft with ideas to match.

Rob used to teach high school social studies and he watched teachers struggle with the basics of technology. He says digital storytelling is a great starting point for even the most tech-wary teacher such as Lynne Zalesak, a social studies teacher, at Jackson Middle School in Houston.

The ebook has generated thousands of downloads in just a few weeks.

Disclosure: I met Rob when I delivered a paid presentation for Microsoft Marketing Managers last year.

David Meerman Scott

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