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March 03, 2010


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Stacy Lukasavitz

That is very, very cool and much needed. On a related note, I just found out that General Motors has an entire curriculum with lesson plans and stuff for download for teachers on their site (http://www.gm.com/experience/education/) - I'm not a teacher but I'll be sending links to both GM and Microsoft's stuff to my teacher friends.

Paul Anthony Kelly

there are so many tools out there! Just gotta focus on 1 or 2 to get started. I got a vlog going. My next step probably is an EBook. Question @ DM Scott: If you have a service business (real estate), can PR releases work for that?

Stacy Lukasavitz

FYI: GM is not a client, nor do I have any connection to them other than the fact I was born in Flint, Michigan.

(I just realized my comment above may have looked a bit hokey & wanted to clear that up.)

David Meerman Scott

Thanks for sharing Stacy

Paul - Like you said, there are so many tools out there - you just got to get started.

Experiment. If it works keep going. If not, try something else.


Margie Mintz

Thanks for this David. I'm putting together my first e-Book, and it was a good reminder of the power and delight of story telling.
Margie Mintz


Congratulations !
Very very nice site
Thank you.. =)

Tatyana Gann

What a great post David! My background is in education. I used to teach ESL and Russian. I wish we had this opportunity before. I think it is awesome that teachers have a chance to dive into the world of technology, embrace it and make it easier for students to understand the most difficult boring subjects . I am all for it!

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I was totally unaware of this.
Thanks - this has been useful to me, but what is even better is that I've passed it to my daughter, the timing could not have been better.

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