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February 10, 2010


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Jamie Mordaunt

As a UK citizen (or 'subject'?) I am pleased that some of this stuff is going on and that Government data is going online.

But these are small steps thus far, and there's always the nagging suspicion that the data being selected for publication is - well - selective.

So information that portrays Government policy/activity in a good light is thrust forwards, but information that does the opposite is kept under wraps.

Perhaps I'm just too cynical!

Also, I follow various councillors/MPs on Twitter and it's mostly partisan/party political stuff - not terribly enlightening use of social media.

But the data.gov.uk site is definitely important and will be a really important tool for holding our politicians to account.

Kevin Boon

Great interview David.

The quote you reference "not having to use every tool" is so important. Organizations and companies should learn to engage using social media, but people need to find the tools they are most comfortable with.

David Meerman Scott

I found this discussion fascinating. John was so open and willing to share.

Mary Wiseman

Very interesting interview, thanks for sharing.

Does the United States Government have any equivalent database?

If so, do you know a link?


Thanks so much for this post – I just found a ton of valuable demographic info for a start-up I’m thinking about doing.

very cool!



How refreshing to hear this much passion from someone in a government post =)

The site seemed like a handy tool; definitely worth studying a bit. Thanks for sharing, David!

Jordan Spizike

Thanks so much for this post – I just found a ton of valuable demographic info for a start-up I’m thinking about doing.There are some functions, such as Internet hosting, that in many cases are easier and far less expensive to do with an external service provider than to build from scratch internally. now link my name to see something.

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