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February 08, 2010


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It's also something that's reasonably easy to do with YouTube Direct http://www.youtube.com/direct

Peter Burgess

Dear Colleagues
One day the great technology we now have will be used to do things that are make society a much better place ... not only amusement and entertainment, and ways to create profit ... but also ways for society as a whole to get onto a trajectory for progress. With about 4 billion people way more impoverished than they should be ... progress must come from better decisions, not more welfare ... and for this better data. This is what Community Analytics (CA) does going beyond profit accounting to value accounting and reporting about community rather than the organization. Technology makes such a paradigm shift possible.
Peter Burgess
Community Analytics

David Meerman Scott

Peter - I am now in India where I am speaking at the India Leadership Forum. What you say is absolutely true. Interestingly, the Indian government sees infrastructure to get Web access into remote villages as prime importance.



Cool article David (or Dave?)
When I first saw the first question I thought "I'd like to get paid to make videos for people :D"
I think it's great for brand interaction, though, and is taking relationship marketing to a new level.
And Amen, Peter.

Best, Michelle


Ha! What a clever video for HP. Kudos to them, Matt & Tom. Thanks for the informative post on videos, David. Safe travels.

Mary Henige
General Motors

Mark Copeman

Fantastic find David. Inspiring HP video... being in that trade, I cannot even begin to think about how long that might have taken them.

HP are smart. I hope those boys win from their efforts. HP really should commission a series.

Colin Warwick

Great idea for leverage. I participated in the first and second annual crowdsourced video contest for DesignCon (just search YouTube for "DesignCon 2009" or "DesignCon 2010" for the complete set of entrants). Modest success so far, but maybe it will grow into something?

Greg London

I think it would be awesome if people would do videos for me.

Thanks for the info on this.


There are a number of places online where you can now crowdsource video

wooshii.com (mainly viral but moving into general video)

xlntads.com (adverts)

zooppa.com (adverts)

geniusrocket.com (adverts)


oh and wooshii.com of course

Dan Martin

I recently used Squadhelp.com to crowdsource creation of viral videos for my employment site. Very decent response from many contestants. Well worth the $200.

corporate video production

Organizational success is driven by successful marketing campaigns. From developing products and services that consumers want to pricing, product availability and promoting what your company offers, effective marketing is paramount. Regardless of the breadth and depth of your current marketing efforts, you might not realize how crowdsourcing takes your campaign to a new level of brand recognition. It also builds, strengthens and expands relationships with your customer base.

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