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February 25, 2010


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Jodi Kaplan

I'm not on Twitter, but I'd like to know if there's a "push here for sample" button I can use to get some of those cookies delivered here in New York.

David Meerman Scott

Jodi - no kidding. I'm here near Boston with my stomach grumbling!


That's so brilliant. I think it's so often that businesses small and large don't really think about providing value through twitter or other social media, but just as a mechanism that they need to have a presence on.

Often, they do try to put the "social" in there and have conversations, but there still is no value being provided.

Albion clearly thought about fun/interesting ideas to provide value, and I think their idea is brilliant! Thanks for sharing.

David Meerman Scott


Thanks for jumping in. This is such a simple and easy to understand idea to use Twitter. Glad you like it too.



Great post! Makes you think how you can use twitter to bring some tweets your way. I'm not using it yet...hope to learn the ropes soon so I can try it out.

nives mestrovic

Really nice post! I am trading with cookies!
Since I am using twitter for my business, I have so much really good feedback. Social media is contacting, communicating with people all around the world. Each day I have a worldwide journey with my worldwide social friends. I shout it out loud: "Folks, embrace social media"
I love it, nives


Boulder Baked in Boulder, Colorado uses Twitter extensively to announce special promotions, desserts fresh out of the oven, new items, delivery conditions, etc.

Check us out on Twitter, FaceBook and the Web www.boulderbaked.com

Zara Brunner

Brilliant use of Twitter. Thanks for sharing it. There is really no end to the innovative things businesses and organizations can do to add value with social media. I do fear that it would not be good for Americans' waistlines to know when Krispy Kremes are fresh out of the oven though!

Keith Jennings

This is a great example of how our "marketing" brains trick us. Many of us approach Twitter et al as if we're talking to THE WORLD. Then there are those, like Albion, that say, "Hey there, we've got some warm cookies fresh from the oven if you are in the neighborhood. Come on by. We'd love to meet you."

This is beautiful because it builds discovery and serendipity into the marketing mix. Which, no surprise, gets people talking. And it proves there's no single "best practice" for using social media.

Promotional Products

Ok, that is the coolest thing I've heard! I'm sharing this with my friends... and now you got me craving fresh baked cookies.


Merci pour le partage. un site a été conçu félicitations très belle ;)


Gracias por compartir. un sitio ha sido diseñado felicitaciones muy bonito ;)

Carolyn Winter

This is a great use of Twitter I am only now appreciating from personal experience.

I tried unsuccessfully, to get a a favorite quilt shop to do the same with fabric collections. Its hard to get a bit of this and that for each of 35 bolts of fabric in a collection. "Let us know when that Nancy Halvorsen Dark Green Scrolls from the 12 Days of Christmas Collection is in". The owner didn't get it and I suspect a huge amount of sales went to Ebay stores instead. A shame because most customers would like to be loyal to their local store. The business is now ironically recently sold.

Why am I smelling cookies? :)

Gotta go


Fuzzi Bunz

It is informative post. There is really no end to the innovative things businesses and organizations can do to add value with social media. I impressed by that.

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