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February 06, 2010


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"Brand" means "Fire" in Dutch.

Keith Jennings

This reminds me of the Jerry Lewis character Herbert Herbert Heebert in the movie The Ladies Man. A friend of mine is named Nu. Could you imagine Nu's New Rules?

Not much online about the Brand brand, other than Brand is the family name of the founders.

I have to try that beer. Hey ho, let's go!

David Meerman Scott

Cesar - thanks! I was wondering.

Keith - Nu? Wow.


My brother is in Amsterdam right now. I'm going to make him get some of this beer! It's social marketing in the making!


You're such a dork! What a great post. Enjoy Holland!


The irony is tremendous. The definition of the word "Brand" is "A trademark or distinctive name identifying a product or a manufacturer."

I just wonder how much the marketing group paid to name it. Maybe it was a joke or a stroke of genius, perhaps. I guess the names "draft", "beer", "mug" or "pint" were too obscure.


We at TBWA\ work for Brand. You probably won't believe that the CSDs last name is Brouwer. Brewer in English... Cheers, AJ

David Meerman Scott

AJ - Damn. Now that's cool. But what does "CSD" mean?



The brewery goes back to 1340 and was bought in 1871 by ... Frederik Brand !

I don't think he had a Brand brandstrategy back than. I wonder if the marketingterm "brand" even existed.

If you know a little Dutch you can find all this at www.brand.nl ! No joke !

Regards, Igor (we shortly met, just before you left# MP2010)

Remco Janssen

To be precise, it's the oldest brewery in the country. According to the (Dutch) wiki on Wikipedia the beer wás available in the US from 1981 till 1991 in the unique white bottle - so you might find some overdate ones as a relic on ebay, perhaps?

Still a funny observation!

Dara Bell

Somehow heard that you were a Ramones fan. My favourite is Londons calling. They seem to have autosuggestion down to a tee, combine that with your drinking strong European beer and its an easy sell.

David Meerman Scott

Dara - London Calling is a Clash album. (I love both The Clash and the Ramones. - I saw both live back in the day).

Amelia Vargo

Great observation - I love this sort of thing. It always makes me chuckle! Thanks for brightening my Monday morning with a giggle!

David Meerman Scott

Thanks Amelia! I'm still chuckling and it was two days ago!

John-John Arnold

So you did some `Personal Branding´ in Holland?


John-John Arnold
On the Green


There is a similiar situation in Hungary. There is an old soft drink: Márka=Brand.
So: "I'm the Brand brand brand manager." - Én a Márka márka márka menedzsere vagyok. in hungarian.:)

David Meerman Scott

That cool KR. Many thanks for sharing.


Londons calling = Ramones?



David Meerman Scott

Moz - I agree. But I wanted to be more polite to Dara

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