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February 05, 2010


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Greg Digneo

I think this video provides a new way for businesses to look at the production of any product or service.

If crowdsourcing can be used to create a movie, how about software development? Or PR? Or what about social issues such as Health Care or Global Warming?

This was a really cool video. Thanks for sharing, David.


I always have one big question when it comes to crowd-sourcing. How good is crowd-sourcing when it comes to long run, sustainable projects with sustainable results?

On the movie or campaign level it is great. But how about something bigger (e.g. global warming, poverty that are frequently mentioned with it)? Or even some long lasting campaign?

Now, most of the people will say look at opensource software! Linux! 20 years, competitive products, great OS. Yeah. But did you now that 75% of Linux kernel for instance, is written by the programmers who are getting paid for it? Just like programmers at Microsoft or Apple.

I do not mean that crowdsourcing is not great. I just think that it is not as great as many think...

David Meerman Scott

Thanks Greg.

Asatiani - I would say it really depends on what kind of big project we're talking about. When I was a kid growing up in the USA east coast there was garbage everywhere. Now do to recycling and an awareness of the environment, most people seem to care about how they dispose of trash. Cities and the countryside are much cleaner.

Monica Hamburg

While I have my concerns with Crowdsourcing - i.e. it can become problematic especially with regard to low-no payment expectations (I addressed this in following blog post: http://monicahamburg.wordpress.com/2008/02/25/please-sir-can-i-have-another/ ) - in cases like this, it's nice to have people on the project who are all equally interested and passionate. And it's always refreshing to see films with price tags that aren't in the millions or billions (although $0 seems a bit astounding).

As you might know, there are a few indie filmmakers exploring the possibility of crowdsourced content including LostZombies.com
(Interesting podcast interview here:
http://workbookproject.com/2008/06/tcibr-podcast-lost-zombies-skot-leach/ ) In some ways, this "community filmaking" is very exciting.

David Meerman Scott

Thanks Monica - some good examples.

Laurent J. Masson

I had always thought crowdsourcing was for children with a terrible illness, that their parents cannot afford to cure with the right treatment.

So I'm discovering it can also work to make a movie, but I wonder if there was some kind of written contract between Jan Willem Alphenaar and all the people who helped him. The thing that matters, was that there was no money involved. People only gave their time. It would have been much more difficult if he had requested money. From a legal point of view, but also because people would expect a return.

So besides charity, I see crowdsourcing limited to projects that can be realized with... Free time. Virtual projets...


great news!
zero budget for a film?
can we see sample of the video?


I wonder if there was some kind of written contract between Jan Willem Alphenaar and all the people who helped him. http://www.filepasswords.com


Don't know what is wrong what is rite but i know that every one has there own point of view and same goes to this one..

Sharon J.

I'm a huge proponent for crowdsourcing, absolutely. I agree that with crowdsourcing, there can be payment issues that need to be addressed beforehand.

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