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January 27, 2010


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Congrats David! I'm still reading and enjoying your 'old' new rules of marketing & pr book!


Thanks David! Social Media is an ever changing animal and I look forward to getting your 2nd edition! Thanks for sharing, I learn something new every day and love sharing with my clients..My start in Social Media came last July with the first IMU classes offered and you spoke at webinar with them and you had great things to say. Keep the info coming! I actually use your "FEAR" quote quite often when a client wants to put a form up...I guess I was listening!

Stuart Trier

Congrats David,

When is the audio version of the new edition going to be released?


First I thought "Damn! And I am just now reading the old version!"
Then I recognised that I already own the 2nd edition. You're lagging behind, David! :-)

Veery insightful stuff I have read so far.

Deni Kasrel

Kudos, David. Even better the second time around?

I read your first edition and it still rings true today, though it sounds like your revised version adds much valuable new information. I am sure it's a great read and if anything like the first, is a book that one will refer to time and again during the actual practice of marketing and PR.

David Meerman Scott

Thanks all. It is terribly exciting.

@Stuart - not sure about audio. Let me find out.

@Frankzimmer -I was waiting to "announce" the second edition till all the physical bookstores had stock. Many people still like to shop in physical stores.

Emily Cagle

Congrats, David. Like Stuart, I'd be interested in an audio version.

David Meerman Scott

@Stuart and @Emily - I'm told the audiobook version should be ready by March 1 if not a little sooner.

Thanks, David

Online Social Media Marketing Service

Thanks David your both edition's are too valuable for everyone. Your tips are remarkable.


Thanks for the update, David.

The argument of whether or not organizations should lose control of their marketing and rethink how they connect with markets continues in earnest.

Your insights and the manner in which you present them provide valuable tools for us marketers pushing for that change.

I count myself among the many who sincerely appreciate your work. Thanks again!



Way to go, David! I'll add the new book to my Amazon affiliate list!

Jonathan Goodman

I still have the manuscript copy of New Rules you sent just before the book was published. I've since handed out a couple hundred copies of the hard back as the one best business development tools we've ever used.

You just gave a good reason to order a few more boxes!

Best of luck with this second edition!


Hi David,
I'm thrilled to hear about the new edition of your classic book. 900+ days as the #1 PR book on Amazon is incredible. I can't wait to get my hands on a copy and share it with the folks at Ultra Light Startups.
Too bad you couldn't make it to New York for our PR panel last month - the disruptive social media angle was sorely missing. Be sure to let me know when you're in town for your book tour and I will hook you up with some great communities.

Best regards,

David Meerman Scott

Thanks Jonathan. And yours was one of my early Webinars. We did that a while ago!


This is great news, David. And your timing is perfect (for both of us, I figure). I look forward to reading, and sharing, the new edition of this vital resource.

Cheers - Hunter


I just bought 2 copies - @Pr_Ali one's for you!


Gongradulation , the new edition is as valuable as the first one. just started reading it , I hope the audio version will be released soon.

Mark Amtower

DMS-first, the 2nd edition is great and hopefully will surpass the success of the 1st - and deservedly so.
Second - many lessons to be learned from both - and WebInkNow.
Third - to everyone reading this - buy the book & read it!
Not that I have an opinion.
Mark Amtower

Kelly Monaghan

Oy! First Ferris, now you. I'm supposed to be SELLING books not buying them. ;-)

Seriously, though, looking forward to devouring the new edition.

(And just so's you don't get too cocky, my Universal Orlando guidebook is going into its TENTH edition!)


Is there an Italian edition?

David Meerman Scott

Hi Alessandra - Yes there is an Italian edition. But I am not sure if it is out yet. David

michael ramatowski

Awesome David,

I just finished the book and I am very happy I bought the book. It has a lot of great stuff in it. I think everyone is sales/marketing should go out right now and read it.

David Meerman Scott

Glad you liked it Michael. Good luck implementing the ideas!


Dear David,

I just finished reading your first edition of the new rules in Marketing in Turkish. It is a great book and inspired me to create my own private homepage and blog by using simple software. I am trying and learning.


Christopher Vance

Congrats David on the new edition and the global success! The first edition really helped formulate a strategy that has become a very profitable service offering to my small business customers.


Can't wait to get my hands on the new edition, David! My original advance copy is gettin' kinda ragged... :-)

I'm still proud we were able to get so many copies of the first edition into circulation here in the Twin Cities, back in October 2008, when you spoke at our Social Media Breakfast. Now we have a reason to get you back sometime soon!

Now, to get to my blog post...



Congratulations David. Well deserved indeed.

Having read the 2nd edition, I discovered a lot of new information and insights. The core and strength of your book are all the case studies that support the statements you make.

Thank you for including my story in the 2nd edition. I look forward to our paths crossing one day.

Sudha Kumar

Hi David,

I was really inspired by your workshop and talk at the recent NASSCOM event(http://indialeadershipforum.nasscom.in/blog/2010/02/new-rules-of-marketing-pr/. I went to a bookstore yesterday and found the 2nd edition and grabbed a copy; I am already about a third of my way through the book. Great stuff!

David Meerman Scott

Hi Sudha:

GREAT -- So glad that you enjoyed the workshop and my keynote at NASSCOM. I enjoyed my time in India very much. Such enthusiastic people.

I'm so glad that you like my book (so far). Many thanks for letting me know. Good luck implementing the ideas.




I just finished reading a copy of your book. It's actually pretty funny how I came upon it in the first place. I actually saw it in many places, but I always thought it's probably not for me. However, when I was in Las Vegas few weeks before (I am Estonian, working and living in Sweden), I remembered your book and thought it could be very useful to another business I'm involved with (manufacturing). So, I went to Barnes & Noble to get a copy to my colleague. Mistake I made was to start browsing it before giving it for him to read. He never got the book and I flew back to Sweden reading it myself. Yesterday I ordered him another copy from Amazon. I didn't want to wait until I go back to US and "lend" him my copy. He-he... just a funny story... Overall, I don't agree with everything you write, but I think it's a really god damn book every marketer, especially B2B marketers in lagging industries, should read. Thank You.

David Meerman Scott

Hi Runno

I love this story. Thanks so much for sharing.

I spoke in Estonia last year and really enjoyed it. I'd love to make it to Sweden some time.

Good luck implementing the ideas!


Runno Allikivi


I would love to see you here in Sweden. So, are you already working on it, or do you need an invitation? ;)

You bet I'm going to put your ideas into an action. I'll let you know when I've succeeded.

Best regards,

David Meerman Scott

Runno - I would need a sponsor to pay my speaking fee and travel expenses. Here is my calendar so you can see the sort of events I do.


Any help appreciated!


Kelly Monaghan

I've just finished the blogging chapter in the second edition and it occurred to me that this blog has accomplished two things (among many others no doubt):

1. It has made me feel as if I know you. You are, in some geeky Internet way, a personal friend now. So I am more likely to buy your future output than I would have been otherwise.

2. I found out about the second edition through this blog, which might not have been the case otherwise. I ordered immediately.

So there has been a tangible, quantifiable (albeit tiny) financial benefit to blogging. Tell that to the bean counters!

Finally, in the spirit of my personal dictum "there can never be too many proofreaders," may I point out that on page 61 the phrase "a huge city teaming with individuals" should read "a huge city teeming with individuals."

David Meerman Scott


Thanks so much for taking the time to comment. Yes, I enjoy relationships with bloggers like you describe so I am flattered that I have succeeded in capturing your interest (and friendship).

Re typos -- No matter how many proofreaders there are, something always sneaks through. Thanks for letting mw know.


Claire Alcock

Congrats on the second edition!

David is one of our top bloggers on TypePad. We are doing having a giveaway of signed copies on our blog. Check it out. http://bit.ly/96LlVQ

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