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January 22, 2010


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To my dismay the video is not captioned/subtitled. Can you please send transcript?

Suggest you post transcript below every video you do. The U.S. is in process of passing federal law that will require internet to be accessible. Up until now the internet has not been very responsible in making sure that text for all videos, podcasts, and content are presented visually as well as audible. If you bother to provide sound for your videos, you need to provide text as well for those who cannot hear the sound.

David Meerman Scott

D.R. Sorry, I will not have the time to provide transcripts for my videos. However, the vast majority of my blog posts are text (over 500 posts) so please find something else interesting. David


And I'm having a hard time convincing my family in Iowa to check into Twitter! It's such a powerful tool on a local scale and the possibilities for global impact is mind boggling.

Glad to hear it's catching on in other areas of the world.

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