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January 18, 2010


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I saw him on Hubspot TV the other day and he was terrific. Just ordered the book and look forward to putting it to work this year. Planning on launching a video podcast in the spring on integrated media at work. Also LOVED your analysis in the HuffPo . . .social media is truly mission critical in our world.

steve garfield

Hi David,
Thanks for the post.

@MaryAnnHalford Hubspot TV was a blast. I loved being on that show and I hope they have me back.

Thanks for ordering the book. Good luck with the video podcast.

David Meerman Scott

Thanks MaryAnn!!


Marketers, forget everything you've experienced with old-style video production and order this book today. It is a MUST read for those who want to quickly leverage video in online marketing campaigns, educational content and sales enablement programs.

Bruce Nunnally

I think it was after I saw your Flip camera video interview with the Head of GM that I started following your blog.

John Patella

Hi, David --
Thanks for the book recommendation. In your opinion, is this a book that translates well on Kindle, or is it better to get the "dead tree edition"?


David Meerman Scott

JP - There are tons of images. I'd get the printed book if I were you.

John Patella

Thanks, David.

I will definitely pick it up.

Cory Grassell

As a writer and search engine optimizer, I'm concerned with making my videos "searchable" by search engines. Does this book help enhance the SEO qualify of videos so they are more easily found? Thanks for the tips, by the way.


Thanks David - just placed the order - keep the good recommendations coming.

steve garfield

Hi Cory,
Yes. I've got a great interview with Kevin Dando of PBS who shares the naming techniques they use to enhance SEO. I also have a section on how to get found on the iTunes store and those tips can be used to all video... all about naming and being descriptive.

One thing I suggest for interviews is to make a trasncript of the interview and post that along with the video for Google to find. Works great on blog posts.

There are some video interviews I conducted for the book over here:



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