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December 10, 2009


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Keith Jennings

I'm re-reading Faith Popcorn's book EVEolution. The first of her 8 "truths" essentially says that connecting customers to each other connects them to your brand. Awards and recognition programs are a great tactic for accomplishing this.

My organization is preparing to test its first awards program in 2010. We'll see what happens!

PS - I just cast my vote.

John Wall

Hey this is great timing! The Marketing Over Coffee Awards is a holiday tradition - we pick the most remarkable campaigns of the year and nominations are free.


Alrik Swagerman

Last May we started with our own Viewbook PhotoStory Awards http://www.viewbookphotostory.com with good effects! It's a lot of work, but gives us nice opportunities to partner with other companies, media, engage with photographers (our potential clients), generate signups, etc.. Cheers, Alrik // Viewbook.com

wine glass racks

Trade magazines and associations do this all the time, but corporations have an opportunity to create awards as well.

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