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December 25, 2009


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Account Deleted

When I saw you tweet this yesterday I thought -- oh boy, it really it is the holiday season now, people surrounded by blood relations who don't understand what we care about (and in your case David, *what it is you do so very well*).

My answer, from my "New year's evolution" post this week (http://bit.ly/76ROTB): "When I set down a tiny microblogging footprint with Twitter 18 months ago I didn’t foresee 2009’s curated-webpath to my interests and intentions."

It is really is that major. What is Twitter? A chance to evolve.


I hope your brother had accepted what nice twitter is.

Now he is probably thinking what he could write if he had a twitter account.

Merry Christmas again and Regards from Santo Domingo, Dom. Rep.

Chuck Franks

David, Great blog post.
More importantly awesome way to interact using the tools you talk about everyday and have passion around. I love how you used the twitter feed for a blog post. It helps those who don't understand twitter to really see a conversation first hand that doesn't move on them. Hopefully Peter reads your blog. A great way for someone to test the temperature of the water before jumping in.
I'm currently getting ready to do training on FaceBook and Twitter with a local company. They think I'll just be training them on two things. Ha. Let the games begin.

Thanks for a mentor and a leader.


For me, this is key:

doctorious: @dmscott Twitter is like mingling at a party with some people you know, others you don't, and many more you have yet to meet.

I've been active on Twitter for about eight months. I wouldn't call myself an expert, but the growth of my professional network has been unprecedented.

I'm not so opportunistic to say that I have the *attention* of influential people. I have something far more unexpected. I have *interaction* with influential people. We banter. We joke. We have fun.

THAT is phenomenal. I'm amazed by what this medium does to the playing field.


What an outstanding idea!

I have to admit explaining Twitter to people unfamiliar with Twitter is something I have never done well.

I couldn't even get my own daughter to understand it. She started laughing about how strange it was that her dad was trying to explain something most people her age are trying to explain to their parents.

David Meerman Scott

Thank you all very much. I spoke with my brother Peter again. While he now feels like he understands Twitter a bit better, he still has no intention of joining. I see that as major progress - from skepticism to understanding.

Pat Ferdinandi

It's a quick way to pass value onto others incl rt of valuable things you learned


I am like your brother...skeptical and not understanding. so i decided to try twitter just like many here suggested. 5 min into the twitt world and am looking forward to more. even if i will not become a huge user...trying it definitely worth time. thanks for the posts everyone. you helped me started

David Meerman Scott

Maria - stop back to this post in a month and tell us how it is going. David


will do. so far i am confused with random followers i got. am looking forward to month trial and improvement. by the way... i like your follow up and your blog organization. am reading your book and exploring all the tools.

Jose Anajero

Am not using Twitter but am not skeptical about it because many people am sure are benefiting from its use.

Although am not skeptical, just like your brother, I still don't understand it well. I still don't know how to use it effectively and efficiently in business. If I decide to use Twitter, I will not just devour the many free ebooks out there (which will only confuse me) but I will enlist the personal help of a mentor.

Thanks David for your interesting post.


Conxa Rodà

Twitter is all about giving and receiving.

Twitter is shared knowledge.

Twitter, together with blogs, has become my most important, enriching, reliable live source of professional info and networking.

Have a nice 2010 Tweetyear


twitter = an expansive platform that has enabled me 2 grow professionally & personally via interaction w/ppl smarter than me. said in 140 :)

Russ Henneberry

Research, networking, mainstream news, great articles from indy bloggers, humor, on and on and on.

Remco Janssen

I could have written the first paragraph, except for the fact that my brothers names are Ronald and Erwin and we had Christmas dinner on the 26th...

So now I have to show them this post somehow. That's rather difficult - there not on Twitter obviously...

Maybe that's a good way to start. Explaining my brothers I could have shared this post as easily as clicking a send button...


I don't get twitter either. I started reading the answers you got but after a dozen or so I lost interest.

I read lots of blogs every day that focus on exactly what I'm interested in. And they talk in depth. They write thousands of words, have diagrams, photographs and videos.

Perhaps my attention span is too long for 140 character quips. That's one reason I dislike TV news. They never cover anything in any depth. PBS does much better so I do watch that.


Link my name to know about ajf8 also your articles are good,and I think you want to know about what I do or write,yes or no?


Looking for explanation on twitter... great idea, great post. I really like the one about personal hygiene... I have to tell you that i'm still looking for answers why I should use twitter more often... found some interesting points here.

Cresilda @ Virtual Assistant, Inc.

It only shows how powerful twitter is. Got an unanswerable question in mind? Tweet it and you'll get answers in an instant. :)

Plus twitter helps me keep track on the latest news. Twitter is faster than news TV.


You don't know what Twitter is until you tweet. It's like doodling with words. After a while doodling you notice that a theme, or pattern has developed. All of a sudden your hooked, and like a rookie gambler who's just won his first hand, you begin to double down, press, and raise. Before long the Rookie wants to Deal, and at a thousand followers he thinks he's a Pit Boss, before long you'll act like you own the Casino! Thoughts of an aspiring Pit Boss. Happy Tweeting!

Jakob @ Virtual Assistant Services

Twitter is a gigantic spam farm and timewaster, but it is useful for realtime information. You hear about anything on twitter before it hits news sites.

Sye Wells

I loved this article! Twitter can be tough to explain at times, and sometimes people are just not willing to adapt to the new changes. Twitter felt like adult ADD when at first glance to me... quick messages, bombarding my senses. But as time went on.. I really began to enjoy it. Not only is it a great place to market for businesses.. great and powerful alignments, connections, and collaborations are being created everyday via twitter. :) Sye-

keith eriksen

I work for a small fire hose company in ohio. Our web guys are encouraging us to open a twitter account and have it on our website. This blog is the first one i have researched. Easier than i thought. than you

Ryan Watson

I really like twitter, once i read a post "Facebook is for the people you know and Twitter is for the people you want to know", I am actually addicted to twitter.

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