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December 29, 2009


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Dan Schawbel

Thanks Mr. Scott :)

This was a bold move for EMC and especially the recruiting organization. A lot of recruiters from companies aren't active in social media because of fear and secrecy. Job seekers don't understand recruiters enough and this book helps solve that.

Happy new year friend!

Chris d'Argy

Great Post!

This is valuable information! As a student of Internet Marketing, learning the tips for job searching from the big dogs is gold!

Thanks for the post, I'll be sure to pass it on!



I am currently in a job search. I am also in the process of writing my first e-book. I looked over some of your free e-books and downloaded the one from EMC.

My question is simple: What do you use to create your ebooks? Word then saved to a pdf? Or is there something else you use to create the visuals?


Jeremy Fischer

David Meerman Scott

Hey Jeremy - good luck in your search.

There is some info in this ebook on how to do ebooks

It's just a PDF so use whatever editing software you want. But remember, good design is very important.


Thanks for posting. It looks like I'll have a lot to keep in mind for the coming year. Happy 2010!


This ebook would surely help a lot of job seekers out there. We are very glad that there are people like you who is kind enough to share important information to the public. God Bless you David

Amelia Vargo

Thanks... I just forwarded a link to my sister who has been unemployed for about 6 months now...


Hi David,

Thanks for posting this link. It made for fascinating reading.

We're having a different problem right now. We're trying (obviously not hard enough) to recruit an intern. The standard of applicants has been uniformly low - respondents haven't looked at our website or attempted to provide any match between their skills and interests and what we do. I've even contacted the university department where I did my study and that netted me exactly zilch! Maybe we need to try some other channels.

Will begin renewed efforts when New Zealand gets back to work next week.

David Meerman Scott

Sarah - people in your situation say social networking is a great way to find an intern. I'd be willing to tweet it to get things going.

nintendo ds hülle

Well this type of tips are very useful when you face the interview in high reputed company and ebook is also helpful to crack the most of the good interviews.
Great post.


Thanks for this David.

I've started speaking to help people use the social web to their advantage when finding their next job.

I've added the ebook to a resource page I've been building: http://www.themurr.com/finding-work-using-the-social-web/.

Hope the social web helps others like it did for me.

Tom Donovan

It is a new year so hopefully everyone who is actively perusing a job will find not only a good job but a job they love.

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I am also searching the job so this is valuable information for me.I have heard about ebook and it's review. Thank you so much for this useful post.


This is really a informative post, these days getting a job is very difficult that’s why I appreciate every piece of good content that helps people to get a job.

Marketing Manfred

This is great news. So many people ignore a common-sense approach to job applications. Perhaps this will help people to put themselves in the employers shoes and write resumes that actually mean something.

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