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November 13, 2009


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Kurt  W. Welch

This is great. Another good example of B2B marketers having fun might be the Intermec Technologies' Mike and Larry warehouse video and website (http://www.mikeandlarry.com/) featuring Intermec's bar code scanners. It's truly fun and in my opinion is a great example of how to have fun with B2B marketing.

Thanks for the article Scott!

Brian Joosse

If you want to see B2B marketers having fun, you should check out www.crackthegcode.com or www.cnceyeteam.com (also on www.youtube.com/darkcover09). Siemens Machine Tool controllers spinning out a whole conspiracy theory storyline!

David Meerman Scott

Kurt and Brian - thanks for the additional examples!


You might also want to check out www.engineerawesome.com and www.waterloolabs.com for more fun!

Keith Jennings

It's almost as if we (marketers, engineers, etc.) believe that appearing smart is more important than being human and sharing a story. Which is the same reason we use jargon too.

Thanks for the reminder that the goal of marketing is to CONNECT with prospective customers.

David Meerman Scott

Keith - Great way to look at it -- We believe that appearing smart is more important than being human and sharing a story."

Thanks so much for this brilliant quote.

Amanda O'Donovan


This is music to my ears. Have never understood the great B2B/B2C divide. We're all human, and we all respond to emotional connections. So why speak in a different language when you're marketing to a business audience? A business writer should be just as passionate about a watch as a widget.

Blazing Articles - Submit your unique articles free

Wonderful post, It's not a job when you enjoy doing it :D

Amelia Vargo

Good Points (as always, David!) However I would add that it's a good idea to get the balance right - bit of fun, and bit of seriousness in equal measures.



Thanks for this. That video was hilarious. And unlike "Crystal Pepsi" I hope my comments are not a marketer's bad idea.

I think this idea of having fun needs to carry over into content writing of products as well. Informational doesn't need to completely take over in marketing materials. If I'm sleeping 2 minutes into looking at your material, I won't care how smart your organization is, or could be.

Make it interesting, people!

Rick Braddy

Well, now I feel like I have permission to have fun again in marketing!

I’ve been saying for years that the Sargent Friday Marketing mode of “Just’ the facts, ma’am” doesn’t cut it online. Maybe that stuffed shirt marketing still works deep inside enterprise cubbyholes somewhere, but for the rest of us, as David says, we’re dealing with humans here. And everyone likes to have some fun!

Thanks David!

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As our company name (Gibson Design Management) contains the name of a martini (Gibson) and many of us in the office are "professional" martini drinkers, we've started using a martini theme for our e-newsletters and posting a martini of the month on our blog.

This is actually what people remember and often comment on. I can't count how many times people start a call with "When are we going to get together for a martini!" or "I have a great recipe to send you." I guess it's good that we are memorable at all, but do you think it's okay that people are remembering something about us that is just for fun and not linked directly to our services?

Alexandra Gibson

Jeff Ogden

Could not agree more with you, David. 98% of B2B marketing is deadly dull. Staid, boring and tedious.

Inject some fun. Add some humor. Throw in a dash of the unexpected. And the world will stand up and take notice.

You're right. It's "Okay to have fun."

Jeff Ogden, President
Find New Customers "Lead Generation Made Simple"

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