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November 04, 2009


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What a long, strange trip to success. Love hearing best practices from one of my all-time-favorite bands.

Keith Jennings

David, I love these posts where you blend music with marketing - two of my three passions.

The late Theodore Levitt, wrote that buyers no longer buy products or services, they buy expectations. However, with examples like this, it seems we buy experiences. Or maybe we buy the expectation of an experience.

The Dead amaze me with their marketing savvy. They are masters at selling expectations, experiences and souvenirs of those experiences. Which reinforces fan expectations for future experiences.

Thanks for sharing!

John Patella

Don't throw things at me, but I've never really been a Dead fan.

However, I think it is so cool that this old band is still striving to connect with its fans and seeking new ways to do it. The value they place on that fan connection has always been the heart of the band's integrity and the secret of its long success.

Good to know the Dead is still kicking, and the tribe is still out there, enjoying the trip!

Kate Davids

I totally agree with Keith. I think that in this day and age when information and things are so easy to get for free, people are willing to spend money on experiences instead. Provide my generation with a way to connect to our favorite bands or each other and we'll pay for it. I love hearing case studies and profiles. Thanks!


Thank you so much for this. Were are also part of the "unbroken chain", and streamed live video with chat from the last Dead tour via iPhones, cams, and laptops to


where we've also built a social network around this experience. The music never stopped!


Vedry strange trip to success. I love hearing best practices from one of my all-time-favorite bands. My best regards Maija

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Love hearing best practices from one of my all-time-favorite bands...rebeprazole online

william miller

hi my name is bill I sm electronicaly challenge I wish the dead could put everything they got in a big computer and take orders for peoples fvorites send them out a cd make it simple make 10 or fifteen$ Make it simple and make money I want more but don't know where to look

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