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November 09, 2009


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Steve Jones

I met Eugene a few years ago when he was doing a series of TV spots for radio stations based on his comedy routine "I've got a radio in my finger". I hired him as spokesman when I was at MIKE-FM/Boston and got lots of reaction... on both sides of the fence. But love him or hate him, Eugene sure cut through and was very memorable, which is pretty hard to do in a 30 second radio station commercial.



Thanks for this. As a writer of humor, I am always on the search for comedians, writers, etc. that are funny and that I haven't been previously acquainted.

What a find!

Stephanie Shkolnik

What a talented individual. I found his speech most compelling not only because it was hilarious (and who doesn't love humor?), but because I could look back to my high school years and relate to his comments and references.

This video is genius for viral purposes, not only because I was able to relate, but because it prompted me to forward this on to my sister who already graduated, and my younger sister who is in high school and will be able to relate.

I feel there is an important lesson in this speech. Reaching out to different generations will open up your audience and alienate less people, which will help give that push to make a video go viral.

Amelia Vargo

It certainly helps if you have things to say. My problem is I'm a wallflower!

David Meerman Scott

Amelia - you always have interesting things to say here on my blog! And I appreciate that.


Once again a great and inspiring post. It is refreshing to see a story about a person and not a company. Or should I say, a funny and witty person having a great time with social media. I will have to start reminding myself not to be too serious.

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