A surprisingly fun and interesting B2B ebook from CareerBuilder

Most B2B communications is dry and boring. Most B2B content offers send buyers to a squeeze page requiring an email address. As a result most buyers just can’t be bothered.

I really enjoy when I find a B2B ebook that surprises me by its originality. Here's one from CareerBuilder. Once you get to the landing page, you can punch that big, sweet Download Now button to get the ebook right away.

Better Recruitment Starts with Better Search

Careerbuilderebook CareerBuilder's Search Smart eBook: The insider's guide to better resume database search (with tips and tricks for finding the best resumes)

The purpose of this eBook is to teach HR people the tips and tricks for easier, faster and more effective resume database search so they can find that perfect candidate.

Download the ebook here.

Have you got a great B2B ebook to share?

Thanks to Jason Ferrara for sending me this.

David Meerman Scott

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