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October 19, 2009


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Remco Janssen

Oops. 5 million Dutch users, I said. Make that 7... Out of 16.5 million people living in the Netherlands! And they have 9.3 million users in general (the site is in Spanish as well and has some adoption in S-America).

Nice talking to you, David!

Edo van Santen

Marc de Vries, CEO of Hyves, gave a presentation on the business and entrepreneurial aspects of Hyves. Unfortunaltely for our international readers, in Dutch language. However, is was a very impressive talk. The video can be seen at Talk&Do.TV, http://www.talkedo.tv/index.php?videoid=hyves. Enjoy!

David Meerman Scott

Thanks again for the information, Remco. Edo - I'm fascinated with what Hyves has created. David

Benjamin Spall

The HSBC campaign instantly springs to mind. They've been working with the tagline 'the worlds local bank' for sometime now with fantastic advertisements such as Eels (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6_WAmt3cMdk) and Washing Machine (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I42fxNIjMsI).

Great article as always.



Nice to read your article. We really believe that our local roots will continue to be one of our unique assets.

Sorry I missed you when you where in the Netherlands. Please let me know when you are around next time, so that we can hook up.


David Meerman Scott

Thanks for stopping by Marc. Always great when a CEO takes the time to engage. Keep up the great work at Hyves.


Well, talking about the local social media tools, I need to mention the Polish Twitter - Blip.pl, a microblog platform. It is very popular in Poland, even more popular than Twitter. Politicians, musicians, some celebrities have their profiles here. Recently some corporations and brands (like KFC) started communicating through this channel. We're all eager to see how it will develop in the next couple of years.

David Meerman Scott

Anna - Great. Thanks for sharing the Polish microblogging platform with us. David

Carmella Manges

Hi David. Love your recent note on the "Flip" camcorder and your comments on localization in a global marketing effort.

We recognize the need to localize with microsites (or in other ways) outside the US, and are learning along the way. Here is one example...


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