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October 12, 2009


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David, I'm delighted you had a good visit to Washington. I've lived in DC for decades and, as part of the tech community, I'm RELISHING all that's happening these days. I like to say that DC is the new "It" city for all things tech and social media.


Between the White House, the federal agencies, the military and intel communities, the startups and the nonprofits, there's so much going on here. Look forward to your posts this week updating us on your visit. Next time be sure to give me a call so I can take you to one of our trendy coffee/wifi hangouts. :)

David Meerman Scott

Thanks Debbie. I did this one as a day trip and was with DoD people all day. Next time.

Laurie Dunlop

David, this is great coverage on your part! Thank you for covering this topic. As a 20-year Army spouse I was interested in how the Army PAO dealt with OPSEC (operational security) and interviewed LTC Kevin Arata in the Pentagon for my blog and Internet Marketing TV last spring. I was highly impressed with their approach to social media and focus on training soldiers and families to practice good OPSEC in this arena. LTC Arata spoke of his participation in the All Services Social Media Council and the wonderful experts they've hosted. I'm very glad to see you shared your expertise too! Once again, thank you for donating your time to the military.


David, I'm really looking forward to your report and data results for this project. Sounds like you really went deep into some of their operations and would be such an eye-opener to know how our military communicates these days. The old tactics of a recruiting table in the middle of campus is so 1990 (even though they still go for them) but there has to be something more. Hopefully you'll be able to shed some light. See you soon!

David Meerman Scott

Laurie and Paul - Thanks! Yes, I really had a great day. Laurie I also interviewed LTC Arata and will post the video later in the week.

Amelia Vargo

It always amazes me when people say they can't connect with others on socoal media platforms for daft reasons such as the perception that 'only young people are on facebook' or that there will be negative things written about the organisations involved. I can't help but think that negative press, though damaging initially can help enormously as one can learn from your mistakes and turn the negativity around into something positive. It just depends on whether you are willing to listen and learn from others.

Anthony DiMaio

You David, are a patriot. Great information and understanding about how the country gets into the conversation. Wow. $650 billion for a budget is inconceivable (two-thirds of a trillion).

Joni Geels

What an awesome story. As a civilian "marketeer" for morale programs over the past several years, I have been wanting to dive into social media to promote our programs and services locally but have been met with many choruses of "DOD will never let you do that." HA!!! Now who's armed and curious. Thanks for the info!!!

David Meerman Scott

Joni - Damned right. That's why I love this example. For all those scardycat bosses out there, let what th U.S. Department of Defense is doing.


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