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October 23, 2009


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Chole Ray

I totally enjoyed and learned a lot from this clip.

Lynn Hazan

Thank you many times over. This is a must see for all marketing professionals in this new age. (Oh no, is this another overused idiom?) I shall be referencing your points.

Keith Jennings

This is a great tee-up for your full day seminar. I hope this wets the appetite of organizations and individuals who could really benefit from your thought leadership.


Really powerful video. The presentation spoken here is not a small matter. This is how to do things the right way in marketing.

David Meerman Scott

Thanks all. I really appreciate it. I've been working on the skills and knowledge to be able to deliver a presentation like this for many years. David

Dan Schawbel

David, this is terrific. You're really talent at driving a few main points home in a way that compels people. That Harry potter example is very powerful too!

Well done


Thanks for sharing I've learned a lot from this article


Russ Henneberry

Love that you mentioned fear as the #1 motivator for continuing traditional advertising.

Unfortunately, if these businesses don't overcome their phobia, they will be overtaken by more courageous business owners.

Bob Schlotman

David, Thanks for the "shout out" on Jackson Healthcare. We certainly enjoyed you day long seminar. Our company presidents and marketing teams learned a lot during the day. I would certainly recommend the seminar to any company thinking about using the New Rules of Marketing as part of their marketing strategy.

Ricardo Prieto

Became a fan with the New Rules of Marketing and PR, and since then I've been following as much as possible. This presentation is simply brilliant!

As always, great job Mr Meerman Scott

D Russell

Loved the video, and the points highlighted. I definitely learned several things from the video. Now, it's time for me to unlearn what I've been taught, and implement your strategies.

Robert Phillips

Hey David you were simply rocking in the conference. I enjoyed each and every minute watching the conference here. It is very informative and gained immense knowledge after watching the video. It is must see video for the internet marketing professionals. The tips which you mentioned are very helpful and were easy to implement. Anyway thank you.

David Meerman Scott

Thanks to all. Glad you liked the video. Let me know if you need me to speak live at your event or company.

Rick Braddy

Awesome video. Just shared it with my audience. As always, thanks for the great (free) content.

I suppose this serves as proof of what you say about making great content available for free!

Rick Braddy

I couldn't help remembering this perfect video example of corporate gobbledygook speak after watching your keynote speech, so I posted it for you.

Sometimes I’m amazed at the funny stuff that people come up with… like this great example of how corporate speak and gobbledygook marketing continue to rule the “old world” of marketing.
This video is a perfect example of both – the old world marketing way and the new way, all rolled into one video. Enjoy! – Rick

Read more: Gobbledygook marketing meets new marketing world order | Product Launch, Email Marketing Blog http://conxentric.com/blog/2009/11/gobbledgook-marketing-meets-new-marketing-world-order/#ixzz0X4XCnCl3

P.S. I hope the link is OK

David Meerman Scott

Rick - That was some gobbledygook laden video!

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