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September 21, 2009


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Absolutely beautiful David. Crap in = slightly less crap out. Another great post, proving content is truly king.

Kirk Cheyfitz

I love your aphorism and the visual, David, but here's a potential problem: If you search optimize a crappy website, then more people will find it. But if more people then decide to hate your brand because your website is so crappy, your search optimization will simply have resulted in your offending more people than otherwise and this, in effect, will have made a crappy website even crappier. If you think this is an alternate possibility, I'll get one of our designers to create a visual for you. Like you, I'm just a writer.


Genius. That should be a poster in every marketing department, every design agency and every business strategy meeting.

Then again, the worst offenders are usually those who don't know their content is crappy.

Omar Halabieh

A 'crappy' picture is worth a thousand 'crappy' words! I am a big believer in the use of visual aids to drive the point home!

Thanks for sharing David,


xavier izaguirre

There is a great sentence on this?

SEOing a crappy website is like raising your hand at class only to not know the question asked...(via Seth Godin)

Debbie Weil, author of The Corporate Blogging Book


I'm with you all the way here. I'm a word person and wish I could design / illustrate -- because it often gets the point across more quickly and powerfully. Luckily we have http://www.eymer.com/eymer.llc.html and others who can do it for us. Check out http://vizedu.com/2009/03/corporate-blogs-challenges-and-success-factors/

Jorge Cunha

Amazing crap it's almost recycled!
Another kind of:

->Beautiful Crap - Beautiful design but crap content

->Ugly Crap - Good Content but poorly designed

The mixed of two ugly and beautiful crap makes decent web site. Because it's not a question of what you think, but what your visitors may tell you, using Web Analytics and multivariate tests and A/B

From the author of http://ittechbuz.blogspot.com maybe a crap? maybe not if it smells like flowers

Antony Wilcox

There is an amazing wealth of info of these guy's blog and all presented in simple images, thanks for showing me this mate, it has been very useful.

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