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September 08, 2009


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David Dalka

Hi David,

While reading your post, I wondered if there is an attribution error being created by giving all of the attribution for this event to Twitter.

Some people assert that search should not get all the credit when someone makes a branded search query because it shows they were already aware of the brand. I'd like to ask you to consider if the same potential "over attribution" (not sure what else to call it) is occurring with your Twitter story here?

So I'd like to ask when did Jennifer Frahm first become aware of the wonderful entity that is David Meerman Scott? My hunch is it was probably before that April 2009 tweet, via your blog, one of your many fine association memberships, some of the great press mentions you've recieved over the years or one of your books that challenge people to think differently. What events caused her to follow you on Twitter, those events deserve a good portion of the attribution as they are why she likely followed you in the first place.


Marc Laurin

Hi David,

It was great meeting in Melbourne. It was indeed a great event. I look forward to your next visit.


David Meerman Scott

David -- Jennifer was indeed following me. So yes - she had already heard of me. But until that tweet, she had not considered organizing an event with me. So let's attribute a portion of the success to Twitter.

Marc -- Thanks! See you next time!

Burcu Kaptan

Great information to show how people can benefit from Twitter! Now I also have a chance to follow bloggers from Down Under:)

David (Marketing Integrity)

My Power of Twitter Story:

I received a DM (Direct Message) from a Twitter follower who knew I was marketing/branding/web consultant. He lives in New York and I live in Canada. We had never met. He asked if I did blog redesign branding. I replied "yes" and sent him my phone number. Five minutes later he called me and after 30 minutes on the phone and a few e-mails back and forth he hired me! So, there is a business case for Twitter after all!

David Dalka


Absolutely it deserves a portion of the credit!

In the end Twitter is one portion of a highly diversified portfolio!

David Meerman Scott

David (Marketing Integrity) - great story. Congrats. Thanks for sharing

Jennifer Frahm

Confession time. I heard of David through the New Rules of Marketing & PR on a friends bookshelf. By memory, he was one of the first I followed because one of my influencers were following him. I think I actually squealed with glee when he followed me back. I think one of the key points is twitter has a unique levelling mechanism, a symmetry that leads to dialogue. I had no hesitation in asking the question - I might of some-one offline, or struggle to get through the PA, the minders, the inbox crowded with 3000 emails...pretty chuffed I did ask : )


What a great result from the power of a tweet! Enjoyed your masterclass immensely David and thank you for the feedback on my post 'dear rupert'.. you have created a little World Wide Rave to this post, again on the power of a tweet!


James Duthie

Further to this fantastic little case study, Jenn also connected to Next Digital via Twitter (disclaimer - I'm a Next Digital employee).

Next Digital ultimately became the chief sponsor of the event based upon a relationship Jenn developed via Twitter. So score another point to Twitter.


Great to meet you David! You had some interesting thoughts on social media marketing and PR. FYI I also work at Next Digital

Was surprised to see you contact me via Twitter as well. I tweeted that I was reading your book on the train, and you mentioned that it was designed for reading in transit. I think its incredible that twitter helps break down those barriers, and I got to speak to the author of the book, literally within a few minutes of saying something publicly on twitter!

Kate Kendall

Thanks David – it was lovely to meet you and I have a pile of notes to type up from the masterclass. Some great ideas!

Anne Sorensen (Marketing Is Us)

Yes ..let's do it again! :) (When is the next book coming David?!) (Just joshin'!!) Take care

Kathleen Seide

I sell real estate in Gainesville, FL and was contacted by someone intrigued by a REALTOR on Twitter.

We met, talked about their home and their needs and what I could do to help them. They hired me to sell it and then used me to buy another home in the area.

I would not have made those sales unless I was on Twitter.

I suppose I could have spent my Twitter hours doing something else to "cultivate contacts", but I wasn't on Twitter to advertise - I was there to learn from others and share what I know.

I'll bet that is probably why that person decided to let me help them sell their home ; )

Stuart Trier

Twitter connections.

I run a small foot care business in Ontario Canada. I have been collecting used shoes from my patients to donate to the homeless.

One of the people I follow on twitter works for United Way in Ottawa. I sent her a tweet asking if she could find a good way to distribute the used shoes I have collected.

Within 15 minutes we were emailing back and forth and I have now decided to run a full out shoe drive across my 15 clinics to support a special event that she is involved in to support the homeless.

David Meerman Scott

Kathleen and Stuart - awesome!! Many thanks for sharing. I LOVE these stories! Good luck with continued success. David

Jillian Kingsford Smith

Hi David
It was a pleasure to meet with you in Melbourne and interview you for Business Acumen Magazine.

This interview was set up via a single Twitter contact - something that would have been impossible in the 'old days' of journalism. I have written about this very topic on my blog this week, about how Social Media has allowed greater transparency, facilitated amazing connections and overall been the beginning of a new community for me.

I think businesses grasping this concept now, will be able to better connect with their clients in the future, rather than stumbling in the dark... trying to figure out what in the heck they want!

Thanks for the experience. See you back here again soon!

Trevor Young - Consultant | Author | Speaker

Great stuff David! I enjoyed the Masterclass and our chats. Here's the PR Warrior's two bobs' worth:http://prwarrior.typepad.com/my_weblog/2009/09/on-the-web-you-are-what-you-publish.html

You've also triggered some strong views from one diehard former corporate affairs manager who attended your event! http://www.parkyoung.com.au/index.php/2009/09/do-not-hire-these-five-corporate-affairs-managers/


I owe a lot to Twitter. It's opportunity potential is amazing. Providing myself openly and honestly has come back ten fold. I've always said Twitter is the digital handshake. Use it with the same principals that govern our offline relationships and you will see it's true potential.

Jeff Ramos

I've landed a few DJing jobs as well as an amazing apartment in Brooklyn solely because of Twitter.

David Meerman Scott

Jeff - that's cool. Thanks for sharing.

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