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September 14, 2009


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Toni Anicic

What a cool hobby. I had no idea something like that exists. I do mix business with pleasure, unfortunately, not in a sexual way...

Robin Dickinson

Hi David, that's an excellent example.


Yes, I'm also a big fan of mixing business with pleasure. For me, business IS pleasure. It's just a huge joy to deal with people all day long, helping them to be their best.

Specifically, my business captures three of my super-passions: a) doodling/drawing, b) deconstructing how people communicate and 3) foreign languages.

Best to you David,


Jim Stewart

I learned a few years back now that if I wanted to be successful I had to do what I loved. Everything I was reading at the time told me that. Though doing something you loved didn't necessarily mean you'd be successful. As a professionally trained actor that was one of my passions at which I was spectacularly unsuccessful. The other was computers and technology. So now my business is also my pleasure :-) I get to play with technology & do public speaking & a weekly vlog. Very happy and grateful. You see a few of those plane spotters around Tullamarine, I wonder if it is an export of ours :-)

Adi @ The Management Blog

Yes I'm fortunate enough to do a job that I love. It certainly makes getting up in the morning an enjoyable event.

Jeremy Fischer


I currently don't. But in getting a Masters degree in Communications/PR, I'm certainly trying to.

If there was anyway I could land a gig doing traditional PR/PR 2.0 work for a sports organization, I would gladly scream from the mountain tops that I mix my business with pleasure! Or vice versa!

David Meerman Scott

Jeremy, it is certainly possible. Did you see this post?


Hi David...nice story, but this is not much different than train spotters or yacht spotters...if we could all only be doing for work what we truly love.

Amelia Vargo

I love my job, I wouldn't say that it is my life though...

xavier izaguirre

Is clearly related, since you can't success doing something you don't love.
having said that, I reckon most of us learn to love their careers rather than manage to earn a living doing something supercool.

I love being a PR but I guess I'd enjoy better being a "comedy series critic", or a "fancy food tester"....


One has to at least like what he/she does day in and day out. After being laid off from my IT position, I got into SEO and SEM work.

I really enjoy working with entrepreneurs and people with a dream. I didn't expect that level of enjoyment, so I suspect sometimes you have to try new things to understand if you'll truly enjoy it.


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