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September 22, 2009


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Mark Allen Roberts

Great topic David,

I look forward to more!The race is on as the auto manufactures use the new rules...I gues it's true..leaders are readers!

Mark Allen Roberts



It's a new world, when you can informally interview the CEO of GM with a flip camera. No lighting required.



On behalf of the GM social media communications team, I want to thank you for visiting with us. We learned a lot from you and found the conversations insightful. We're also thrilled you found some neat examples of things we're doing. We're fortunate to have great leaders in Fritz and Bob.

Mary Henige, GM Communications

David Meerman Scott

Thanks for all your help Mary. It really was a memorable day. Keep up the good work. David

James Duthie

Fantastic interview David and particularly relevant for us as we help to bring Australian auto manufacturers to grips with new communications tools and techniques.



A wonderful interview, and informative for organizations around the world.

Thanks for all you do!

Jake LaCaze

I really enjoyed watching this, and because of the efforts of Fritz Henderson and GM, I am slowly becoming less skeptic of their image change.

Omar Halabieh

Hi David,

Great interview! I must say I am impressed by the changes that are happening in GM. The Bankruptcy filing has really given this company a wake-up call to re-invent itself in all aspects including the way it markets itself. Looking forward for your remaining posts on GM.


Andries Lesiba Ntuli

Hi David

It is so good to get so much feed back about GM and the futer of GMSA employees, I also work in this industry and it make me happy that some of my brothers jobs are safe.

Good luck to you and youre team in GMSA

Kind regards

John Pohl

Great stuff, David!

I was very surprised--and impressed--by the fact that Fritz Henderson clearly "gets it." It's refreshing to see a CEO--especially a CEO of such a huge corporation that has been through so much turmoil recently--who is as plugged into social media as he is, and who has such a good grasp on his customers' media habits.

In contrast, GM's latest TV ad featuring Chairman of the Board Ed Whitacre has a dated feel to it. Perhaps it's Whitacre's age or his southern drawl, but for me he comes across as just another out-of-touch corporate executive. I suspect that this ad doesn't resonate with many people under the age of 60.

Perhaps GM needs to put Fritz on the air. He may be a little lacking from a style standpoint, but he certainly seems to have plenty of substance.


Hi David, I am looking forward to "studying" your video especially since you provided the great "script outline."

As a teacher AND student using your New Rules, I continue to get great ideas from you, so your format for presenting Flip videos will work for me and I plan to try it for my blog [http://sharisax.com].

In addition, I have started a Squidoo lens to review Social Media/New Marketing books and yours will be the next book on my list -- especially since I have taught it now for the past two semester.

Keep advising me -- and everyone. Thanks.

Jonathan Moody

Excellent interview, especially the key take out: “Word of mouth is the number one influence on the decision to buy a car... Social media democratizes providing word of mouth to a much broader audience.”
Glad to see this recognised at such a high level and especially in the present circumstances. Let's hope the auto industry perceives, then protects, participates and projects in social media.
Jon Moody

Robin Smith

Really a fantastic information. thanks a lot for posting this. Please carry on with the good work.


jean layman

hello i have bought a new traverse. my word for it is travesty. i would like to get in touch with fritz henderson and let him know personally about this tim can they call a car.

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