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September 01, 2009


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Really, Adrian has good and easy 2 read writing style. REally enjoyed his posts. And he knows how to build readership.

Tony Fannin

Thanks for sharing Adrian's story. Being a taxi driver, I imagine he has a wealth of wonderful and strange adventures. I have a friend who drove a taxi for a year or two for research on his upcoming book. Thanks again.

Lisa Banks

Hi David, I was just thinking to forward this post to my friend who lives in Sydney via Facebook somehow (I didn't want to bother looking up his email address separately), but could only see Digg and Delicious represented at the bottom of the post. I just wanted to suggest that you add more social options to your posts, as they are very enjoyable and there are plenty I'd love to Tweet, also! Keep up the great content. (And I realize you probably already have these options somewhere and I've just missed them somehow...)

David Meerman Scott

Lisa, thanks for reading.

when I update my blog, I also update on Twitter and on Facebook so you can just RT it you want. Of course, you can easily just copy and paste any URL and update Twitter, Facebook and other social networking sites. It does not require a "button".

Henrik Kahra

Hi David,

Great post, thanks for introducing me to such an inspirational blogger.

I think there is something intriguing about a cab driver who blogs. Could almost be made into a film!


Hey David, thanks for the kind words, the pleasure was all mine. Hope you get back to Aus soon.


whats on in Sydney


o This is a wonderful opinion. The things mentioned are unanimous and needs to be appreciated by everyone.

camper trailers Sydney

Michael - Taxis to heathrow

It's just great getting an insight into the other views of taxi drivers.

It's really interesting and makes you think about what you are doing.

Shelly Rooke

Adrian, I love your stories. Keep them coming!

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