Space available for my full-day seminars in Australia and Europe

Posted by David Meerman Scott 08:26 AM on August 05, 2009

I'll be in Melbourne and Sydney in September and Amsterdam in October running full day seminars about social media and the new rules of marketing & PR.

If you're based in North America and you have some travel budget available that need to be used by year-end, why not book a trip to Australia or the Netherlands?

Of course, if you’re based in Australia or Europe, here are the only chances to get together this year.

NetherandsOctober 15, 2009 in Amsterdam
The New Rules of Marketing & PR
Information on Amsterdam gig here.

Although part of my family originally came from Dordrecht, and my middle name is a Dutch family name, I don’t speak the language so obviously the session will be in English. Look for the English button on the site.

Thanks to Spark Leadership Foundation for sponsoring the Europe event.

AustSeptember 2, 2009 in Sydney
September 4, 2009 in Melbourne

Social Media Masterclasses
Information on Australia gigs here.

I don't speak very good "Strine" (Australian), but I’ll temper my American accent while in Australia.

Thanks to Jennifer Frahm Collaborations and next digital for organizing the Australia events.

David Meerman Scott

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