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August 10, 2009


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Janice Brown

Great post, and thanks for letting us experience (vicariously) some of what you saw and heard this weekend. This is a great example of how mobile devices can help customers create self-customized experiences with brands and help businesses with real-time [sorry, gobbledygook word] inventory management. I am seeing lots of potential uses for both with my clients.

Omar Halabieh

Hi David,

I will answer the second question for a consumer perspective. I think that mobile phones have allowed consumers in general to make better informed decision by providing just-in-time information at the time of decision. I can give numerous personal experiences such as when I was purchasing a car or more recently I had placed an order through an online vendor for a personal item. Later on that day I happened to be at a big box retailer store and managed to find the item for cheaper. On the spot and through my phone I canceled my online order and bought the item from where I was on the spot. The impact is not only on savings but also on choice. Whenever I am at the airport browsing a bookstore, a quick search over my phone allows me to view ratings so that I may decide on the book to buy. I can go on and on with other examples. This new capability that the consumer has requires businesses to adapt accordingly. The value proposition that these businesses bring has to be even higher nowadays to compensate.


David Meerman Scott

Omar - good examples. Thanks for sharing.

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