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August 14, 2009


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Sarah @ GY&K

You have to love what you do everyday to be happy in life. I truly believe that. I would be interested in hearing if there has been a research study on job title/duties vs. relative happiness, because (as your post supports) I believe the majority of people who chose public relations and marketing as a career love what they do (disclaimer: I'm in that group). I have also heard the same from a lot of happy entrepreneurs. I love what I do. I'm excited about my work and I have a passion for it. I'm happy to hear that I am not alone!

Sarah @ GY&K (@gyktweets)


I truly believe that if you have passion for what you do you will GET to go to work not HAVE to go to work!

Daniel Keller

I've always lived by the premise that if you do what your gut tells you is the right thing, the money will come. When I was younger, that meant being broke a lot....until I really learned to listen to my gut.

Truly, if you have a passion for what you do, the rest will follow.

Bob Burns

I have a "formula for success" that I apply to entrepreneurs and business owners, but could apply to anyone: Vision plus Passion equals Commitment equals Success. A bit simplistic, but imagine owning a business doing something you don't like - every day!

Mark Connell

Comet Bobsled ride video comes up as private. I think Jen Clarke needs to make it public.

Can't wait to see the ride!

David Meerman Scott

Sorry. The video is now public.


It's great if you can combine a life's passion with your career. Most people are not as lucky, but there are always ways you can take small steps to reach that goal. Then someday hopefully you can look back on what you "used to do" and how it led you to your ultimate dream job.

Omar Halabieh

First off, really cool video! I think that loving one's job/career does take effort. One needs to experiment with different opportunities/areas until he/she finds what really sparks their passion. Through this discovery process we learn what we enjoy and what we don't. Unfortunately many people just settle for what comes to them and are unwilling to put in the extra effort and take on the risks associated with experimentation to reach that stage. Companies have a role to play in encouraging such experimentation.

Jamie Favreau

I believe you can't market something well if you don't believe in the cause or the product. If you are passionate about things it shows!

I am not passionate about one of my part time jobs and I can not fake it remotely. Give me my other part time job and I can usually tell you everything about them (Detroit Red Wings hockey) and then some.

I am working towards landing something full time. I am passionate about Social Media, digital communication and I hope this is demonstrated through my actions and my blog.

I can not understand how you can try and market something and NOT be passionate about it. Seems like a challenge and maybe they should choose something where it doesn't seem like they are working all the time.

Eric Hoffman

David, thanks so much for coming to Park City and taking the time to introduce some of our executives to social media as well as helping us marketing types come up with some fresh and exciting ideas.

I find it apropos that the shirt I'm wearing right now says, "Do what you like. Like what you do." True and true - thanks again and hope to see you this winter!


David what you are saying is really true. I know many of my peers who recently graduated with me absolutely hate their jobs.

It doesn't make sense to me whey people in their early 20s with little to know financial obligations are choosing to trap themselves for years in jobs they hate.

I appreciate the link you sent to me and hopefully I will be able to align my passions with my future career.

David Meerman Scott

Thanks everyone for your comments.

Eric - thank you for your help in making my visit possible. It was a great experience and from what I can tell, a success.

Amit - That's so incredibly sad. You're right - it makes no sense to be in your early 20s and hate your job. Get out now!! Find your passion.

Ashley Smith

Until a few months ago I was working in corporate communications for a major foodservice company. Only one problem...I hated going to work. It's not that my job was terrible. To the contrary, I liked what I did but I didn't have a passion for it. People around me said that was normal.

A few months ago I started looking for new jobs and came across a Director of Marketing position with a local United Way. I applied and got the job. The last few months have been the most rewarding of my life. I can finally say that I love my job.

Christine Scaplen

Enjoying your job is important to enjoying life. I was never happier (or healthier) than when I took a 50% paycut to work at a local non-profit. I could do the work I loved in a place that I felt was worthy of my time and talent.

At the same time, I've worked in organizations where I was part of a great team (led by dmscott) which made all the difference. While the product was inspiring and valuable, the people working together, contributing to each other's success was rewarding.

I've learned that you might not work at the coolest company, but if you can be passionate about your role in it, those you work with, and those who are served, it can make every Monday a happy one!

Shannon Golladay

That's awesome you rode in a bobsled! I love Park City. It is beautiful up there. Our office is about an hour South of Park City. We are in Provo, Utah.

I love my job too! I do public relations and marketing for Paragon Wealth Management. It makes a difference to be passionate about the company and services we offer. I love coming to work each day!

Peter I.

I love my job, when my agency lets me do it.

Codruta Moga

Besides what I do, I love the fact that I'm learning something new every day, it helps me grow. And having great co-workers makes it even better.

Passion is the best fuel you can have.

Royce Hadden

Sweet post David, you make a tremendous point about loving the job you do. It's amazing how much better you work and how much more creative your thinking gets when you're really engaged. Hope to read more great blogs like this!


PS - found you via Amber Rae Lambke's blog.


Thanks for the great post. Good advice! Work day to day can be extremely difficult. Is the answer to enjoy what you do or do what you enjoy? It’s tough. Thanks for you insight though.

I stumbled upon this blog like I did yours. Though their insight on work was very meaningful: http://burisonthecouch.wordpress.com/2009/12/31/our-house/

Thanks for the post! I’d love to see more like it.

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