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August 19, 2009


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David, this is very inspiring. I work for a large construction firm and it's often difficult for me to describe the benefits of a blog especially to those who do not understand how useful they can be. I'll be sure to put this under my GM's nose!

Great post, thank you!

Jeff Hillstad

Good case study. I'm running a B2B open SEO experiment live for the community. I post what I'm doing and the measured impact. Read the blog here: http://datasheetreference.wordpress.com. You can chime in on the blog or the Facebook fan page.

Colin Warwick

Thanks, David, for your help and suggestions and thanks for the shout out. Since last we spoke interest here at Agilent in this topic has mushroomed! :-)

-- Colin

David B. Thomas

Social media can seem so overwhelming on a corporate level so it's great to see examples like this. You don't have to do everything. Just do something.

Bob Scheier

I especially appreciate the focus on keeping all the content laser-focused on one very specific subject. Very gratifying to see the actual results, and this tapping of internal subject matter expertise...

Linda VandeVrede

Examples like this help chip away at the resistance and plain "unawareness" of executives who don't understand the value of blogging, Google ranking, etc.

David Meerman Scott

Gang, Colin did this one right. Thanks for jumping in here with your comments.

Colin, Glad that you are finally getting some recognition. Tell your bosses that I said you need a big fat raise.

Laura Hamlyn

Entering the social media marketplace creates a deer-caught-in-headlights reaction for so many people. This simple idea (laser-focused content/expertise) can not only be a social marketing strategy in itself, but can also serve as a newbie's entree into gaining that first foothold online. Great article. Thanks!


It goes to show that the best efforts are focused ones. Small business owners who are typically overloaded with "too many hats" should consider outsourcing a lot of the necessary but tedious work and focusing on what they do best.

Jamie Favreau

Great case study I wound up sharing this story with someone who does communications for a B2@B PR Firm. Should be interesting... I wonder what his take is?

Engago team

Large corporations have problems with blogs, especially those being traded publicly.
Colin was still allowed to have his blog, but outside the company Internet perimeter.

These restrictions from large corporations are an advantage for smaller companies.

Colin Warwick

Hi David,

Me again. In my previous comment, I forgot to give credit to Mike Volpe and Pete Caputa at http://www.HubSpot.com who got me blogging in the first place. I was skeptical at first, but they were right.

Best regards,

-– Colin

Vince Giorgi

A little late in spotting this post, David, but it's a great one. Any company that feels blogging and social media aren't for them because their product is too nitty-gritty can take inspiration from the fact that signal integrity within high speed digital connections is the basis around which posts, conversations and engagement are being built.

Southampton Internet Marketing

Yes, I totally agreed that social media marketplace creates a deer-caught-in-headlights reaction for so many people. I loved what you have done here. This is good info to know.

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