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July 16, 2009


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who the hell cares//

Frances Limoncelli

I SO appreciate this Big Idea attitude. Being a cringing fear-based Cassandra much of my life never got me anywhere. Dreaming big, reaching way past what I could do, and rallying the troups to do it with me has worked much better! Thank you, David, for the reminder to think crazy big.

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I am a hugh fan of going to the moon. I remember watching every minute of it on television and wishing that the pictures were clearer. It certainly keeps me going to know that it is possible to do the impossible. I have been a hugh fan of astromony since I was eight years old and set foot in my first planetarium. I will never get into space, but I do know that in time we will all live out there. Incredible moment, incredible future! Onwards and upwards!

Mikes Sumondong

amazing observations and learnings from Apollo 11. I agree with setting high goals coz that way you'll reach higher and achieve higher things than just being contented the little that we have.

Mikes Sumondong


I have linked back to your site in here: http://your-dailyword.blogspot.com/2009/07/where-is-no-vision-people-perish-apollo.html

Thanks for the inspiration! God Bless you!

Tom Troughton

Thank you David for the excellent observations about what we can all learn from the Apollo mission. Isn't it interesting how success principles easily apply to most worthy endeavors?

Alicia Crowder

I thoroughly agree with the advice to challenge conventional wisdom!


Nice today is fortieth anniversary of Apollo 11. congrats....... I'm a big fan of Apollo program

Jeff Rutherford

I liked your linking Apollo to what marketers can learn.

I would add that once marketers reach a big, hairy goal, they should never fall back to a safe position.

All the Apollo footage has been inspiring beyond belief - yet also depressing. We should have a permanent moonbase by now. The resulting technology and aerospace technology would be worth the expense.

Andrew Bruce Smith

The last great optimistic act of the 20th century - and an inspiration for more great optimistic acts in the 21st century. Only 12 men have walked on the moon - and only 9 are left alive - if you haven't read it already, I heartily commend a book by my namesake, Andrew Smith - it's called Moondust: In Search Of The Men Who Fell To Earth. He interviewed all of the surviving Moonwalkers and presents an amazing insight into both the personal and general societal impact of the Apollo moon landings. There is much for marketeers (or anyone for that matter) to learn from this book.

David Meerman Scott

@Andrew. Yes it is a good book. I read it when it first came out. The best astronaut book is "Carrying the Fire" by Michael Collins and the best book about mission control is "Failure is not an Option by Gene Kranz". David

J Stdy Rockn

I totally agree that we should set a really big goal. If this happens then the steps to get to that goal could be mini goals to reach the grand goal. I also its cool that you are such a astronaut fanatic. I remember when my father telling me how he couldn't believe that man reached the moon.

Bill Royce

David, thanks for posting this and linking to your Apollo site - from which I found way way to the technical papers on lunar orbit. Fascinating. It's also pleasing to see how many people remain passionately inspired by the Apollo programme, as witnessed by other comments here. While the Shuttle programme is also amazing, by comparison it's a commute. The Sixties were a decade of BHAGs, let's hope the world can rediscover the joy of daring to imagine.

Promotional Products

These are some great tips that I will have to apply to my business and daily life. If they worked for NASA, I'm pretty sure they can work for me, thanks.

P. Leroux

I highly recommend the book Full Moon http://www.michaellight.net/fullmoon/index.html
The pictures are outstanding and perfectly highlight the harsh but fantastic landscape of the Moon

ananth countinfinity blogger

apollo mission is really a great achievement by humans..but some people say they faked it and that hurts me...is there any truth in that?

Aptitude Books

Really its a great insight for marketers who are adding twists to their marketing strategies.


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