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July 21, 2009


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Brett Kopf

Hi like www.hootsuite.com, it's efficient and their new beta allows you to create groups.


Adam Cohen

Dave - Here are my top five:
- Tweetdeck
- Tweetbeep (a service that emails when a new mention comes in so you don't miss a tweet)
- Backtweets (looking for mentions of my blog)
- For Mobile, combo of SMS, Twitterberry (no iPhone for me, although I have an iPod Touch which I will use at home sometimes and prefer the iPod version of Tweetdeck)and m.slandr.net (web based, helpful for search)
- Tweetmeme (WP plugin, which has probably increased retweets by at least 25% for blog posts).

Cynthea Hausman

I like peoplebrowsr.com. No need to refresh to see new posts. They have different modes - lite, advanced and business. I can post and track from several accounts. Bit.ly is an essential tool for my tracking.

Kelly Rusk

I've abandoned Tweetdeck in favor of Nambu (although only available for mac) Love the interface and functionality.

Not a fan of Tweetdeck's column's so it's a great alternative.

Otherwise, my favorite URL shortener is http://idek.net dead simple and awesome analytics.

For iphone I use Tweetie b/c it's easy for multiple accounts (I have 3) but I much prefer Twitterfon.

Shannon Cortina

I am a fan of co-tweet for managing multiple twitter accounts. http://cotweet.com


I'd like to introduce you to a new Twitter app called ChatterBox.

ChatterBox lets you define topics and users of interest on Twitter and pulls the relevant conversations into a team workspace that allows users to work together in the management of those conversations, assign the conversation for follow-up, define/associate/archive relevant meta-data (categories, priorities, statuses and tags), and each user can create their own personalized views into the conversations which are exposed as RSS feeds.


Contact us for a private beta invite.

-Charlie ChatterBox

J Stdy Rockn

I also use TweetDeck for my PC and TwitPic to upload pictures. They are both very popular and great apps. For those who don't have an Iphone and have other smartphones, (I have the HTC Mogul) I reccommend Twobile app. Works awesome.



I'll have to check out SocialToo. I like PeopleBrowsr on my desktop. I can run it as an air app or in my web browser. I can manage numerous accounts,assign groups, schedule when tweets are sent and there is a ton of extras. The interface isn't my favorite but I can get over that quickly. I've tried Seesmic, Tweetdeck, Hootsuite and DestroyTwitter. For my iphone, I've tried Twitterfon, Tweetie, Tweetdeck, iTwitter and Twitterlator Pro. I like Twitterlator Pro the best although it's not my favorite UI. I would probably use Tweetdeck but I miss hours of tweets between opening the app. Don't know if it's an API issue or what, but I've had the same problem with Tweetdeck on my desktop too.

David Schultz

I love this one: http://twimmailer.com . Replaces your twitter notification emails, gives you more information about new followers and DM's.

Gary Shandling

TwitPic is awful man. Barely any functionality - way too basic and youre stuck with only one photo.

I use either http://twicli.com (photos/videos and sets) or Posterous.


To be honest, I haven't tried everything on your list but I must say that the Facebook app is indeed VERY USEFUL. Updating two sites/social networks at once is clever. In fact, it's actually in Twitter's favor because I don't need to log on to facebook anymore. LOL.

Steve Kayser

I use Http://www.peoplebrowsr. Has a Twitpic like app already embedded. You can segment stacks of data/followers by multiple categories - and even do some query marketing analytics. You can bring in an automate your multiple other social media data streams as well (like Facebook)

It's slick -- but dashboard can overwhelm people when they look at it the first time.

Also - for Twitter newbies - and there are a heap - try Colby Palmer's Http://iTweet.net - quicker- easier-to-use-and- understand than the basic Twitter interface.

Nice helpful article David.



Tony Darrick Baker

You guys are missing out on PING.FM

It's 100% free. You simply post to your ping.fm account and your message automatically shows up on twitter, facebook, linkedin, and probably about 30 different applications.

They have an iphone interface. Plus get this... the Ping.fm guys and the TwitPic.com guys are all from Tulsa, Oklahoma. Noah at Twitpic recently moved up north, but he's a true Tulsan.

I use ping.fm for everything. I have started to use WP Lifestream for my wordpress blog. They not only show your tweets, but they can show stuff from other social media apps on your website as well.

Jamie Favreau

I use the same apps you do! I also have my twitter status's updated to Plaxo and Friendfeed. I do not do it to Facebook though. I am active on there and I feel I update different content to that feed. Plaxo I am not active but at least they can get my updates because of my inactivity.

Friendfeed I just joined so the syndication is interesting.

Mark Evans

I'm a big fan of TweetDeck and really like how Bit.ly integrates with Twitter. When it comes to search, Twazzup and Scoopler are my top choices.

Janice L. Brown

Useful post. You named my top two favorite apps: TweetDeck and TwitPic. I also use the FileTwt file-sharing app for a small-business client; their current web site is inflexible and hard to update, so FileTwt is a timely way to distribute detailed information on promotions and business updates using Twitter. (And yes, we are redesigning the web site!) For a URL shortener, I really like Bit.ly, both for ease of use and tracking clicks to the URLs. Both of these apps integrate elegantly with Twitter.

Debby Swoboda

So are you prepping for a new book? Hope so.

TWITTER: I teach retailers to plan and write their messages in advance by using tools like:

I have been using the http://www.yoono.com/ tool that lets me read and post to my Facebook, Twitter, email... and so much more. I really like it.

Michael Sanjek

To David and All,
I just started using Twitter and am experimenting with some of the associated apps. This blog post and comments are very helpful. Thanks to all!

Todd Defren

You got a LOL out of me. I remember that "aghast" feeling. It became my mission to get you to switch! Glad it worked. ;)

Laurie Dunlop

Hootsuite.com is great because it helps me manage multiple Twitter accounts for our company. MyTweeple.com allows you to easily follow or block new followers. You might try Twellow.com too, the yellow pages for Twitter! (All free!)

Karmen Reed, Kickoff Topic

Completely agree with David here, I would just add Tweet Later free version to start with, and move to the professional version when comfortable! Lots of features, tracking, organizing abilities.


I recommend you http://www.switter.com You need to register to update your twitter account using Yahoo Messenger or SMS sending a message with "TW your message" to +40746148148 - international access - or to 1800 - access from RO only (both regular rate)!

Account Deleted

I would like to share a Twitter application named Tvider (http://tvider.com) that lets you to share pictures,videos and audio in real-time from your computer or by using mobile/iPhones/Blackberry/J2ME..etc.

Cygnis Media

I also use TweetDeck for my PC and TwitPic to upload pictures. They are both very popular and great apps. For those who don't have an Iphone and have other smartphones, (I have the HTC Mogul) I reccommend Twobile app. Works awesome.

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