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July 27, 2009


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Jonathan Kranz

You know what I love most about this? It's not YOU convincing them -- they're convincing themselves as they answer the questions and see the results live, right in front of their noses.

Arturo Preciado

Wow, inspiring and very convincing video, also the fact that you actually follow your own advice write about anything and I say it because in the book you actually talk about it being global. Cool, 'cause I'm from Mexico and trying to make my online business grow. Even better some of the things I read were things I sort of thought before but greatly presented so I completly agreed.
Thanks for all the great tips and advice.

Omar Halabieh

To a great extent, I think the new rules of marketing and PR are highly correlated with internet penetration and proliferation. I come from the middle east, and to date the shifts that we are talking about have just started to happen. My guess is that it will take another couple of years, till when the generation there which was born when internet access was available, to become the main consumer class for this shift in marketing and PR to be complete. I also think there are a number of factors that help speed up this transformation in addition to the underlying technological aspect, such as the openness of the respective economic system, competitiveness etc.


David Meerman Scott

@ Jonathan and @Arturo - thanks for jumping in.

@Omar - I was in Saudi Arabia late last year and I asked those questions and the answers were similar.

But I learned something interesting in a side conversation with someone who works for a big consumer packaged goods company. The women in Saudi Arabia use Web forums in a big way because it is comfortable for them to meet and interact with other women.

In your part of the world, these ideas are already very important.


Kathleen Bagley Formidoni

David - I loved this and am tweeting about it now. Going to show in an all hands meeting next week. Thanks for giving me a proof statement that I can use in strategic client meetings. A thousand blessings on all of your camels.

Anthony Mora

Hard to argue with that. But I think the answers would have been a bit different if the questions had been - have you read a magazine, a newspaper, watched a TV news segment, or listened to a radio news show. Not disagreeing with the basic tenants, but I don’t think it’s an either/or proposition when it comes to traditional PR and social media or online marketing an communication.

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